The Blacksmith

By Jason, Avery, and Ryan!

Important Tools

Blacksmiths had many tools. They used hammers and anvils the most to flatten and smooth the material. A flatter was used to flatten iron and not dent it. Blacksmiths had forges, a furnace where the metal is heated. They also have a vise and file. They also had tongs to hold things above the fire. A Blacksmith had a chisel too,when he had to pound something he would pound the chisel with a sledge on a piece of iron. Each tool has its own job and without these tools,Blacksmiths wouldn't be able to do their job.

What Do Blacksmiths Do?

Blacksmiths help you fix things. They also crafted things with iron like pots, pans, knives, and forks. Blacksmiths made fences, gates, and railings. They made hooks and latches, anchors for ships, and weather vanes for the top of the barn. A good Blacksmith could make 3,000 nails in one day!

Why Are Blacksmiths Important?

Blacksmiths are very important. People need blacksmiths to make horse and oxen shoes. Blacksmiths mend farmers and trademens tools. No community could survive without at least one good blacksmith. They make door hinges for doors. They also made axles for wagons.

Interesting Facts

  • Blacksmiths have an apprentice.
  • The iron that blacksmiths use can't be too hot or too cold.
  • Blacksmiths have a forge.
  • It was an apprentices job to clean the forge at the end of the day.
  • Everybody needed a blacksmith because they made the stuff you need, silversmiths made fancy stuff.
  • Blacksmiths had bellows to make the fire warmer.
  • Blacksmiths fixed many different things