Spanish 1 NCVPS

Week 6 - only a month left this quarter!!!

Buenas noches (as I write this)... Buenos días (as you probably read it!)

We are moving right along through our study of Spanish and Costa Rica. The students seem to enjoy learning about this small, happy country in Central America that has no army and is very well-educated and literate. Don't be surprised if they tell you they want to go there on vacation some day. I, myself, want to go there after working with this course. It sounds like an absolutely great place to visit.

We started with basic conversation skills, moved on to learning about schools and talking about their classes, schedule, teachers, etc. and are now studying La Casa, the home. Now would be a great time to ask your student to tell you the rooms of the house and what they can do in each one. One of the best ways to learn is to teach someone else. So if they can share what they know with you ... bravo!

This would also be a good time to check their progress in the course grade-wise. They should have finished Unidad 3 Lección 2 by this weekend (tonight). I will be adding zeros again in anticipation of filing a progress report for the schools tomorrow night or Tuesday. The schools should be able to access the information by Thursday. Just like last time, if students have zeros they are able to make them up for full credit. Many students are procrastinating or falling behind so this is a good time to make sure they are on top of things since the end of the quarter is just 4 weeks away. As always, you can request an individualized report for your student. I highlight the work that is missing; you can see the feedback I provide; and you are able to see work they need to correct and resubmit to get a better grade.

Students had their first Final Project due last week. So far, I have had less than 10 turned in to be graded. These projects replace unit tests so they are extremely important to their grade. Please ask to see what your student submitted and have them play it for you so you can see their work and here them speaking Spanish. Your interest in their work means a lot to them and it certainly helps me, as well.

Some students are still having computer issues. Often this is a result of them using Google Chrome as the browser to access Moodle (our class Learning Management System). Chrome may work sporadically in Moodle but it is built on a different platform and is really a last ditch browser to use for the class. Students have been told to use Firefox as their main browser and if something doesn't work, to try Internet Explorer. Please check with your child to be sure they are using the correct browser if they tell you they are having issues.

Thanks again for all your support and help. I appreciate your emails and interest in their work and what we are doing. Email, call or text whenever you have questions or concerns. I'm here to make sure we have a super semester learning español!