Animal Extinction

by: Annika, AJ, and Emma

Human Causes of Animal Extinction

Humans are ruining animal's lives without even realizing it. Humans need to be more aware of the consequences of their actions because they could make animals lives endangered.

For example, human's actions can hurt animals, such as, "... this one is driven mostly by human actions ... habitat destruction, pollution, or overfishing either kills off wild creatures and plants or leaves them badly weakened ..." (Nature World News - paragraphs 3 and 4). When humans pollute the environment, overfish, or ruin habitats, they cause animals to be destroyed.

Burning Through Fossil Fuels

Secondly, when humans take advantage of their resources, "... we have burned through eons worth of fossil fuels ... we've changed the climate ... eliminating the habitats of animals..." (Scientific American - Paragraph 3). When humans use too many fossil fuels, and take advantage of them, they make the climate change, which ruins animal' s habitats.

Daily Negative Human Interactions

Also, some things people do daily effect animals, such as "... swallowing chemicals directly ... people maintain outdoor dumps. If somebody chucks a wallaby carcass on the top of say, a foam mattress, then ... the (Tasmanian) devils might actually consume quite large quantities of that foam ..." (Davidson - Paragraphs 9 and 11). Some things humans throw away are bad for animals that are scavengers who will dig through trash and eat it for food. So, when people throw out certain things with certain chemicals in them, animals may eat them and be harmed.

In conclusion, we believe that humans should always be more careful and respectful to nature and other living things that could be harmed by their actions. People should be more thoughtful because human actions can negatively effect animal's lives.

"...41 percent of all amphibians on the planet now face extinction, while 26 percent of mammal species and 13 percent of birds are similarly threatened..." (Nature World News-paragraph 2).

"...Biologists...estimate that humans have driven roughly 1,000 species extinct in our 200,000 years on the planet. Since 1500, we have killed off at least 322 types of animals..." (Newsela-paragraph 4).

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