Susan B. Anthony

Anti-Slavery petetions

Susan B. Anthony was just a normal average woman, she was born in February 15, 1820. she lived in Adam, Massachusetts with her family. She's been teaching for 15 years, it was like she was independent. well she wasn't, she couldn't speak at all, since she's treated like a woman, all women can't speak or do anything that a man can do. At a temperance rallies she can't speak at all. She couldn't speak what's in her mind. So Susan B. Anthony and her acquaintance, Elizabeth Cady Stanton led her to join woman's rights movement in the year 1852. But Susan B. Anthony dedicated her life to the woman's suffrage.

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Susan B. Anthony's speech

Susan B. Anthony gave a speech about women's rights. But arrested for casting an illegal vote in the presidential election of 1872. Back than women weren't allowed for voting or anything. All women do is clean and not speak what's in mind at meeting or anywhere, we just stand there, look pretty and don't say anything at all. Which isn't fair, all man and women should be equal and united. Susan B. Anthony did what was right, she got the courage to vote, even though it was against the law for women. In her speech gave us women to have the rights to be equal. Susan's Speech: "We, the people of the united states, order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility.." and so on.She knew what she was saying about women's rights, to vote, speak what they think.....etc. I believe Susan B. Anthony is an independent woman.