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Week of 10/3/22


This Week

October 4 and 6: Cross Country/Softball game

October 5: No School


October 10: Open House (more details coming via Connect Ed Tuesday)

October 11: PTSA Meeting

October 12: Fall Music Concert

October 25: Sligo Fundraising Dine Out (see below for more details)

Save the Date!

November 2: Picture Day

November 4: Fitness Fun Day

December 7: Career Day

December 13: Makeup Picture Day

High School Choice Open Houses

Are you the parent of an 8th grade student? Are you interested in learning more about each of the high schools in the Downcounty Consortium? If so, please see the information below for each individual school. All open houses are in person. For those unable to join in person, an open house video or virtual option will be available at a later date

October 3 Blair- 6:30

October 6 Wheaton - 6:30

October 13 Kennedy- 6:30

October 20 Northwood- 7:00 (MC2- 6:00)

October 27 Einstein- 6:30 (Visual Art- 6:00)

Sligo Fundraising Dine Out

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Fitness Fun Day

We’re gearing up for Fitness Fun Day, on Friday, November 4- one of the biggest events of the Sligo school year! This is a day of school spirit that promotes fitness by engaging students in a variety of fun activities during their PE classes.This is the PTSA’s primary annual fundraiser, enabling us to support academic, cultural, and fitness activities throughout the year, as well as to support families in need within our community. Please consider how much you might be able to donate to support Sligo. If you have contributed to other schools’ auctions or events, please consider a similar level of support here. If you are ready to donate, you don't need to wait! Please give now or plan to do so before November 4. Donations to PTSA are tax-deductible.

There are three ways to donate:

Checks payable to Sligo PTSA (write FFD and your email on the memo line for a receipt)

PayPal - if appropriate, please choose “friends and family” as the payment type

Email: Sligotreasurer@gmail.com


Email: Sligotreasurer@gmail.com

Handle: @PTSA-SligoMS

Phone: 240-695-3612

Please ask a business to sponsor Fitness Fun Day!

Fitness Fun Day is the biggest school fundraiser of the year. It brings in the majority of the budget that PTSA will have to support students and the school community. Business sponsorships are a critical element and we need your help. Please take a few minutes to ask a local business you regularly patronize to support the school. Or, perhaps you own or work for a business that could sponsor! Click here for material you can share directly with businesses that has all of the information. The deadline for business sponsorships is October 7 so please don't delay.

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Sligo MS NAACP Parents' Council

The NAACP Parents' Council provides a forum through which interested citizens may offer assistance, guidance and support to MCPS parents and students of color. Our aim is for every student to pursue the highest quality education possible through advocacy, information sharing, critical evaluation, and encouragement.

If you’re interested in learning more or volunteering with the Sligo MS NAACP Parents' Council, please email us at sligonaacp@gmail.com. We will have our first meeting in the next few weeks and would love for you to join us. You can also find additional information about the Montgomery County NAACP Parents' Council here: naacppc-md.org.

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Extracurricular Activities

Sligo MS is proud to host a robust offering of after-school activities, clubs, and athletics this year! Please review the link here to view all of the opportunities for students to get involved. This information is also present on the Sligo MS Website under the “After School Info” tab.

Please note the activity sponsor, dates, times, and location of each club. Some activities (Interscholastic Athletics, intramurals, and certain clubs) require permission slips, which students can ask the sponsors for. Any club requiring a permission slip will inform students at the first meeting. All grade levels are welcome in each activity, with the exception of the Interscholastic Athletics teams, which are for 7th and 8th grade students only. Please reach out to the activity sponsor or coach with any specific questions you may have.

Limited MCPS transportation is provided for activities on Tuesdays-Thursdays. Your bus stop may not be your regular bus stop. Please review the after school buses here. Speak with your students about their method of transportation home and how they will get home from activities safely.

We are looking forward to a great year of after-school activities!

Notice of Pesticide Application

Please see the following link about the use of pesticides in the building.

Personal Mobile Device Policy

Personal Mobile Devices (PMD) such as cell phones, tablets, wireless headphones, handheld gaming systems, etc. will not be used during the school day. Students should expect to keep devices out of sight upon arrival, or keep their devices at home. PMDs can be used after school or after-school activities. Parents will be asked to pick up devices used during the school day.

Parents and caregivers, we appreciate your support in helping our students stay engaged in learning. If you need to send a message to your child during school hours, please contact the main office at (301) 287-8890. We are happy to relay messages to students during non-instructional times.

Below are useful parent resources about kids and personal mobile devices.