School Visitors and Volunteers

Application and Clearance Process

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TVUSD has identified an application and clearance process for community members that wish to volunteer at or visit a school campus. TVUSD utilizes the Raptor system for visitor and volunteer check-in and verification.

Visitor ~ A visitor is someone who comes to our campus for events and activities such as student presentations and performances, awards and recognition ceremonies and other events that are not on a continual or long-term basis. Visitors are not in direct contact with students.

Volunteer ~ A volunteer is someone who comes to our campus on a continual or regular basis or participates in a single-day event or activity and is in direct contact with students. This includes field trips.

Please make sure you bring photo identification with you every time you are signing in as a visitor or volunteer.

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Visitors are allowed to come on campus without verification of any type of mandated health requirement. Visitors are still required to complete the online application and sign in through the Raptor system when they come on campus. Visitors include those that come on campus for a special assembly or a meeting on campus that does not involve interaction with students.


WEDNESDAY FLAG is an exception to this rule. We invite families to attend our weekly Flag Salute Assemblies, which begin at 8:55 am every Wednesday. Wednesday Flag visitors should enter campus through the front office. Students should enter campus using their usual entry gate. Students should not enter campus through the front office.

All Wednesday Flag visitors will enter campus through the front office, sign in, and be given a Wednesday Flag Visitor sticker to wear. Please ensure that you place the sticker on your shirt in a visible location and wear it at all times while on campus. Our Flag Salute Assembly includes school announcements and special recognitions of students and lasts approximately 15 minutes. Once the assembly is over, please exit campus through the front office.


Volunteers, given the direct interaction with students, must adhere to health and safety guidelines in addition to completing the application. At this time, a Negative TB Test/Screening is required. Volunteers should enter campus through the front office and sign in through the Raptor system on the days they volunteer.
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Application Process for Visitors and Volunteers

In order to visit or volunteer a community member must ~

  1. Complete an application online. You can find it here: ONLINE APPLICATION**
  2. Submit the required documents: Picture ID, Code of Conduct, Megan's Law documentation.

Additionally, volunteers are to provide:

  • Proof of a Negative TB Test/Screening and

These are to be presented in person to our clerk, Mrs. Kim Harvick, for verification and input into the Raptor system.

Your documents will be filed in a secure manner. For any questions or concerns related to the volunteer requirements, including the mandated required documents to be collected, please email

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I want to application is what?

Once your online application is complete and the health requirements have been met, you will be cleared to volunteer on campus.

Please reach out to your child's classroom teacher to express interest in volunteering. The teacher will put together a schedule for volunteers and specific dates/times will be assigned for those interested in volunteering. Each teacher will coordinate their own volunteer schedule and communicate with interested families regarding when they can come to volunteer.

Volunteers make such a positive impact on our students, our classrooms, and our campus! We welcome volunteers at Paloma!!

May I walk my student to class in the morning?

No, Paloma is still a closed campus. Our protocol of morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up remains the same. All students will continue to enter campus through the appropriate entry gate.

I have an extra hour today, is it ok if I drop in and see if the teacher needs help?

We so appreciate our families and their generous gift of time! We do ask, however, that if you are interested in volunteering at a time that you are not scheduled for that you please email the teacher to see if they are in need of assistance during the time you are considering.

When a volunteer arrives at an unplanned time, the teacher may not have anything prepared for the volunteer to complete and it can be disruptive to instructional time for the teacher to stop instruction in order to quickly prepare something for the parent.

May I come on campus and have lunch with my child during their lunchtime?

We have a Family Dining Area! Parents wishing to join their student(s) for lunch will eat in our Family Dining Area outside the 4th-grade wing. Lunch with your student should be a rare treat: a birthday or special award. We have a picnic table and shade trees for your comfort. You and your child will have a space to enjoy your meal together. Following eating, students are encouraged to play with their peers. As a gentle reminder, siblings are not permitted on campus, and parents are not permitted on the playground at lunch. We will not call students out of class prior to their specific lunchtime. Siblings in other grade levels will not be called out at a time other than their grade's lunchtime.

I want to volunteer but have a preschooler at home. Can I bring them with me when I volunteer?

We love kids! Unfortunately, at this time, we can only permit enrolled students to be on campus during school hours for health as well as safety reasons. This is a TVUSD policy.

I need a TB test. Where can I get one? How long is it good for?

You can schedule a TB test through the district health services department. They can be reached at:

TB tests are good for 4 years.