Please Stop laughing at me

By Jodee Blanco

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Jodee Blanco just wants to fit in like any other kid would. It all started when she volunteered for a special needs club in 5th grade. Marianne, was one of the special needs classmates that Jodee got very close with. Her best friend, Jo Ellen didn't like that. Jo Ellen influenced Jodee to stop hanging out with the "retards" otherwise, they could no longer be friends. Anyways, She went to multiple schools and still got picked on. No matter what she did. Things got so bad her parents thought she was going to get depressed so they forced her to go talk to Dr. Jack Graff a psychiatrist they hoped he could solve the problem. After that they moved went to another school, she became friends with her neighbors they were together basically the whole summer. But then the bullying came back. Just because she stood up for herself. Even on the school bus she got picked on. Jodee then became depressed. She was always in her room. Her depression got so bad she started hurting herself to the point she wanted to commit suicide. Towards the end of the book she goes to a high school reunion. She made a toast and realized the terror was over. She finally felt good about herself.

Jodee Blanco

The book is based on a true story about Jodee going through a hard time during school and having a very hard time making friends or just fitting in in general. She tries her hardest but people are just a disrespectful towards her. She has friends for a short period of time then they turn and stab her in the back. Jodee is a very strong person throughout the book.

Conflict or Resolution

Jodees conflict in this book is character vs character since she got in arguments, fights, some characters like Tyler wrote in her yearbook mean things. Character vs self because she tries hurting herself, character vs society because the whole book is based on society bullying her.


The theme in this book is don't care what people have to say or what they think just be you. Stay strong and believe things will get better because it will get harder before things get easier.

Textual Evidence

“What a desperate, pathetic fool I was. Time after time, my "friends" had shown me their true colors. Yet, I still wanted to believe they were sorry for causing me pain. p. 128”

I thought this quote jumped out to me since a lot of friends use you or just are fake and when they notice what they did and say sorry about it you never know I they mean it. Jodee really made that stand out.

Book Review

I would rate this book a 4 since it was very descriptive about what she went through and it made me feel like it was happening. I would recommend this to a lot of people so if they could see what a person like that has been through. such as a bully of a school reads it maybe it will encourage them to stop and think.


This is a website that gives you lots of info of what do if you're getting bullied

This website gives you info about other kids that get bullied around the world


This movie is about a girl who gets and the bullying leads up to her becoming depressed. In the book, Jodee is the same way. So in that way, the two fit.