By J Garson

Who was Solon?

Solon was born in 638 B.C and died in 559 B.C. He was a lawmaker, politician, poet, and the person to create the form of law democracy. Solons family was kind of wealthy and considered moderate wealthy. Solon was elected ruler of Athens, Greece at about 55 years old to help Athens get through their crisis's.

Why Was Solon So Important?

Solon was important because he took a step towards democracy in Athens and made their laws. He also got farmers out of debt during Athens's crisis, and he expanded the court in Athens. He also freed slaves and debtors from captivity.

Where Did Solon Take Democracy's First Step?

Solon was elected Archon of Athens in about 583 B.C. He came up with a thought where every person could participate in voting. He came up with 4 classes depending on how much property you owned.

When Did Solon Take a Step Towards Democracy?

Solon started coming up with idea's for a democracy in the early 6th century B.C. In the late 5th century B.C. he started having more voting freedoms depending on what land and merchandise you owned.
Athenian Democracy - Solon and Cleisthenes