Battle of Liege

The first land battle of WW1

Need to Know Info

The Battle of Liege, the first land battle of WW1, took place in Liege, Belgium. On August 5, 1914 Germany started the battle by attaching Liege with 320,000 troops lead by General Emmich. With having several walls around Liege and having 40,000 on those walls being lead by General Leman. As Germany sends in 30,000 men to take down the wall there was little to know progress. After have many men die, Germany decide to send in the zeppelins which are giant balloons that dropped bombs into the city to bring down the walls. On August 14, 1914 the war ended with only 5,300 deaths on the Germany side and 20,000 deaths on the Belgium.


Belgium had the home field advantage do the preparation of the walls and the up hill advantage. In the end the Central forces won.
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