Constant of Proportionality

We're gonna teach you about "Constant of Proportionality

Dependent or Independent?

One species of bamboo grows at an average rate of 60 cm per day. Which one depends on the other?

Say I didn't tell you how many days the plant had grown. would you know how much the total height is? Exactly! you wouldn't know. Therefor, if you cant have height without days your days would be your independent variable and your height would be the dependent variable.

Rate of Change

So if I made a table graph and I said "If its been 5 days, how many centimeters would it have grown? How would you graph it?

First you would multiply 5 by 60 and you would get a total of 300 and put that number into the right column of your graph. You would do the same process every time for every different amount of days you would have.