Tide Pools

The smallest of oceans


You will be traveling up and down the pacific coast visiting, southwest Canada, the west coast of the US and northwest mexico.


An optimal time to visit would be in the summer, sometime in June or July would be good. To have the optimal low tide for maximum viewing of the ecosystem.

What will you see?

Many diverse species, including but not limited too, starfish, fish, invertebrates, corals, some forms of birds, sea slugs, and various plants and kelp.

Whats the science behind it?

Tide pools are a haven for smaller shallow depth creatures, where they can live in protection from most predators, except one, us. It is very easily accessed, which makes human interaction a very real threat for the animals and the ecosystem as a whole. Making the tide pool one of the most endangered of all ocean sites.

What should you pack?

!. Snorkles+swimming gear.

2.sun screen.


4. other beach supplies.

and of course...