~Social Studys~

By: Jayme Shelton

~Fast Facts~

There were many different ways family's did things. To communicate people wrote letters using quill pens, ink, and paper. To get they farmed, sold crops, fished, and traded to get anything they needed. Also, shipped many things from the Atlantic Ocean such as, manufactured goods, fish, lumber, and tobacco. There also, many people that worked with crafts such as, artisans, locksmiths, and other craft people. You would probably think that farmers, shopkeepers, and artisans were rich, but no they just had enough money to earned a living. Some family's had more than a dozen children and that didn't help at all because some of them couldn't survive because there wasn't enough food to feed all of them. A lot of times people would trade with each other to get what they needed to survive.All colonies were free to practice there religions whenever and wear ever.The water was a key-wee source for trading and transportation.People cleared trees for farming and to harvest timber. This was all the stuff that happened in all the colonies and some facts you might want to know.

~New England (NE)~

There were some crazy rules that happened in NE. One of them was, that who ever went to church could vote at the meeting house. Also, on the NE coast many people earned a living from the sea. The Whales~ people would make candles, lamp oil, and perfume out of the whales. Some people even farmed rocky soil. The climate was warm. When new settlers came they would start building roads and bridges. Jamestown was a big town that was found in 1607 in the United States.


The middle traded with the NE. Also they hunted, fished, and built ships. There was rich soil and had a warm climate. Settlers built homes and farms. Delaware was one of the middle colonies.How they worked, traveled on boats over water, traded, and worked as dock workers, sailors, and other people loaded and unloaded boats.


They hunted whales, built ships, and fished. The southern had the warmest climate of all. Male settlers had a say in government, puritan leaders did not put up with the disagreements. They also traded with NE. Also, there was good soil for good farming and so they planted crops and rice. Thomas Hooker wanted everyone to vote but only some colonists could.