Flaming / Trolling


Flaming is the act of posting or sending hateful or offensive messages over the Internet, directed towards a specific person in an attempt to cause a fight.

These messages are called "flames," and they may be posted online on many different sources, including discussion forums, news groups, e-mail or instant messaging.

How do you prevent Flaming?

If you see a "Flame War," don't respond or get involved. Leave the forum and don't let your emotions get carried away.
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In conclusion, flaming is a large part of the internet today that should be avoided. It is committed by one person in order to divide people and start a "flame war" where offensive or rude messages are often exchanged. If you encounter a flame war, exit the thread as soon as possible and try not to get involved.


A troll is someone who posts offensive, annoying, or off-topic messages on forums, news groups, email, or messaging with the intent of upsetting people for their own amusement.
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How to Avoid Trolling?

You can avoid trolling by blocking the specific user, avoiding areas of the internet where trolls are common, and not responding.

Analysis of Trolling

Trolling is the posting of irrelevant or hurtful comments in an attempt to direct attention away from relevant comments. You can avoid trolling by staying away from dangerous parts of the internet or blocking rude users.