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Principal's Weekly Communication -Week of November 2

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Our third meeting was productive. We partnered up to review our current behavior matrix. Solidifying the matrix builds the foundation for our universal expectations school wide. When we are all speaking the same language and having the same expectations our students thrive and staff feels connected. We will continue our work at our next meeting.

The minutes can be found at this link:

PBIS Folder

Our next meeting will be on November 6th.

School Improvement Planning Through Rising Star

Our team had our second meeting. We reviewed our data and then set a goal. We then reviewed indicators in the area of Learning Environment, Educator Quality, and Teaching and Learning to select indicators that will help us reach our goal. Data will be reviewed with teams at our upcoming PLC and again at our Institute day on November 3rd. At our next meeting we will assess the three indicators we chose by determining what research says is best practice and then reflect where our building is with implementation of the indicators. Once we determine where we want to go and our current reality we will create tasks that will fill the gaps. Thank you to the Rising Star Wars Team for their professionalism to have candid conversations and share their perspectives. The work this team is doing will set the stage for our school improvement plan.

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Structure to Help Students Write a Written Response


RAPPP example



Fountas and Pinnell

Hi teams,

Those of you who trained last week already received this info as a part of the training, but I wanted to be sure all of you had access to this great online resource. It is similar to the CD ROM that came with the Phonics kit, but way better! I would be happy to show you more about it at a team meeting or before school sometime...let me know. The website and codes are on the attached resource sheet.

Fountas and Pinnell “Cloud” Resource

Technology Integration

New research tab on my website that includes a link for safer images:

(This site will provide pages you can copy and hang in your classroom. Each page includes links with QR codes to help provide kid friendly sites to research.)

Creative writing station idea with QR Codes:

(This has a Halloween theme, but I can work with you to adapt this idea for a creative writing station in your classroom.)

Virtual field trips:

(This is a page I set up for 2nd grade at Husmann. Please know there are many great places for vitual field trips that will tie into your curriculum. Just let me know if you are interested.) (Just wanted to keep sharing my website)

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Subs and Announcements

Bim and Lisa have been working on the procedures for substitutes can use to check out a laptop, log in, and access morning announcements. More information to come from them next week. Once you get the directions please put the information into the sub folders so they can log in.

username: subhus

password: fuq67Vaj

Spirit Banner Award

We will continue the tradition of Husmann's Spirit Banner. You will see the schedule for who has the banner in our shared folder. Teachers send a paragraph to Guy that states the reason for your group receiving the Spirit Banner. Please submit your paragraph by the Friday of the week prior to your week on the schedule. We will then recognize your group on the announcements and have your group be taped saying the pledge for announcements as well.
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  • I'd like to send a special shout out to Kristin Ziemba who is always there to support her colleagues and her students both academically and emotionally. She always has great ideas for our students and for me. Thanks for all you do! You Rock!!! Terri

  • Karen Belke - for always being there to lend an ear and a shoulder-Marny

  • Jill A. rocks for keeping our Kindy team on track with our math pacing and with getting our writing journals to the printer on time. The Kindy team appreciates you!!! -Kim

  • Jenni Atkinson rocks because she is willing to help me whenever I need her! She is such a wealth of information that I feel very lucky to have her as my mentor! She is constantly pulled in many directions, yet is able to be prepared and offer advice with a smile on her face! Jenni, You Absolutely Rock! Barb Brayton

  • Mary Oberhart rocks! She was very instrumental in organizing, decorating and setting up our Birthday breakfast, saving many of us lots of time. Thanks so much, Mary!-Lynn

  • Kristin-

    Thank you for being a team player and being flexible at a moments notice.


  • Thank you to our RTI Leaders for running an effective meeting!

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