Cyber Bullying

A Rising Problem

Be Aware!

In today's society, it is so easy for kids to access the Internet. The age of people getting cell phones is younger than ever and we are able to do just about anything with these. Since the Internet is so much easier to access, cyber bullying is getting worse at a rapid rate. Texting, Facebook, emails and twitter are very popular ways for kids to bully each other. It's easy to say things over the Internet so this has become a huge problem. The following website has a lot of surprising statistics found about bullying:

Another website that has a lot of information about this topic is

The above links have ideas and ways to talk with your kids or students to try to stop cyber bullying before it starts. There's a growing number of suicides linked to cyber bullying and this needs to be stopped now.

This site is useful for kids to look at and see if they are being bullied, or if they are the bully themselves.

This is a good resource for teachers to talk to their students.