Sustainability and the early years

Professional development for pre-school teachers


The concept of sustainability. How sustainability and sustainability education links to the National Standards and the Early Years Learning Framework. Why sustainability education is relevant and important


A range of hands on activities embedding sustainability education into literacy, numeracy and other learning areas. Practical activities and projects enhancing sustainability practices of the service. Opportunities for collegial discussion

Sustainability and the Early Years Workshop

Friday, Aug. 16th 2013 at 8:30am-3pm

Hawkesbury Earthcare Centre, Richmond, New South Wales, Australia

Richmond, NSW

Cnr Campus Drive and Science Rd Richmond

HDRA Henry Doubleday Research Association Aus. Inc.

$60.00 (includes morning tea and lunch).


8.30 registration / coffee

9.00 welcome and acknowledgement of Country

9.10 introduction – what is sustainability?

9.30 workshop 1 of 2

10.15 morning tea

10.40 workshop 2 of 2

11.20 Visit Greening Australia or the Secret Garden

12.30 Lunch

3.00 Finish

Workshop Choices

1. Creating a Cumberland Plain Woodland gardens2. Sustainable artworks3. Don't waste your waste

Workshop session with Fiona Robbe: Playground design

Fiona’s passion for connecting young children to the natural world has led her to generously offer us her expert support in playground design. This will be done at no cost to our preschools, which is amazing. Fiona has found a way to provide for effective design, but we need you to come prepared by following the instructions outlined.  Please read the accompanying attachment and follow the instructions in preparation   for this workshop.

Visit to Greening Australia and the Secret Garden

These visits will alert you to two fantastic resources within our region that promote sustainability and connection to the natural world. The staff at these venues have generously volunteered their time for us to visit and learn from them.

Greening Australia

  • Variety of Cumberland Plains woodland species for purchase for a reasonable cost.
  • Information on planting, propagation and care of native species.

Secret Garden

A visit to the nursery and community garden projects .Information on how to establish a community garden in your preschool.Reflections on how gardens and animals help us to connect to nature and how this provision can benefit children.

Minimum participants: 10 Maximum participants: 15

While attendance at the ‘Natural Playspaces and Sustainability in the Preschool’ is not a prerequisite, it will be beneficial.