Thursday Brief

September 20, 2018

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Happy Friday Eve!


  • TTESS Refresher-If you did the online refresher, please put your certificate in my box. If I don't have one by Monday, you will be on my list for training Tuesday after school in the library.
  • TTESS GOAL and PD Plan-The first section of your TTESS, including your goal, is due on DMAC by October 8th. THANK YOU MRS. BARNEC & MRS. STEINBRUCK! I signed off and your goal is good to go once you sign off:).
  • Fire Drills-Unexpected Fire Drills, our procedures are great when we have fire drills that happen during the day, but last week we had one at a very unusual time! Some were at dismissal and some were following the drill procedures. Just for extra safety please always take your phone on your way out and partner up your kids (tell them to make sure the person in front of them is there when you go back in or something like that). This will help us keep track of students when a drill is chaotic, or God forbid, a real fire occurs. Thanks!

  • Thank you to everyone who completed the ESL Google spreadsheet. The next one will be due on October 12th.

  • Math six weeks test is October 1-5. Turn in scantrons to Hoover after you have gone over the answers with a black sharpie.

  • Mrs. Cristan will be meeting with all classes on Monday to discuss Student Code of Conduct through PE classes.

  • Please make sure to issue all transportation cards to the students, especially car pick-ups and walkers. The cards are our proof that the child was in the correct location after school.

From Mrs. Villarreal

  • Please place all Anger Management and Mentoring forms in my box. I have only received one so far, and I know I gave out more. Blank forms are still available n my office if you need to pick up some.
  • Please make sure all Anchored 4 Life Team LEADERS sign up for a TLC. I have six leaders that will rotate, so the others will need somewhere to go when they are not teaching the TLC.
  • Please email me the names of students that can benefit from participating in the Anchored 4 Life TLC. Anchored 4 Life is a program that focuses on social skills, facing fears, dealing with bullying, and maintaining healthy bodies. It will be run by our Anchored 4 Life Team Leaders. Only refer those students that do not have tutoring or interventions during TLC time. Also, keep in mind that this TLC is run by students, so they may not be able to handle certain behaviors. Anchored 4 Life TLC will begin on 10/9/18.

Watch D.O.G.S.

Our Watch D.O.G.S. Program is starting!Please watch a video on this Mediacast Link (at the top there is a 4 or 10 minute video) so you can see what a great program this is for our school! (Sign in for Media Cast is exactly how you log on computer.)


I'm looking for after school tutors for structured tutorials. This is in addition to your regular offered tutorials. Once a week for an hour.

This Week's Calendar

September 21-28

20 Science Fair Meeting 6pm in Science Lab

21 POLICE OFFICER DAY! Thank an Officer!

21 Fundraiser Kick Off

25 TTESS Refresher and Goal Setting

25 Watch D.O.G.S. Launch 6pm in Elementary Common Area

25 TTESS Refresher and Goal Setting 3:15 in Library-Mandatory if you have not completed online course.

27 School Board Meeting

28 Science Lab Coat Display

28 Fundraiser Kick Off (Rescheduled)

Hispanic Heritage Month Sept.15-October 15

Happy Birthday September Babies!

2 Kasi Driscoll

11 Debra Cooper

12 Nancy Tyler

14 Idolina Galbraith

15 Cheryl Navar

18 Debby Alvarado

26 Alex Ready

30 Ashley Debler

A Reminder ....

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October Calendar

Please check this calendar and let me know any corrections or additions. Thanks!