The one thing common people might've not dug into

A little what people think of computers:

People think of computers as the workstation or the gaming rig in their house. There is more to that, and it is my interest to share it. So, with that around, time to talk about what interests me the most.

The innards:

The inside of a PC has fascinated me, and I started getting into this when my first computer didn't function well and I decided to build a new one. So, I had to know everything about the computer: CPU, RAM, HDD, SSD, PSU, Motherboard, Case, GPU, Cooler, and ODD.


These are key components in every computer, and ALL computers require them:

1. CPU- The brain of a computer

2. RAM- The memory of a computer that can put an HDD to shame, also used for editing and required for PC games.

3. GPU- The piece of hardware that makes the image on the monitor come up and also is the powerhouse for games.

4. PSU- Gangnam Style! No, don't get mistaken with PSY. This is the component that powers the PC and the highest seen currently going up to 1600 watts.

Motherboard, HDD, SSD, Case, ODD, and Cooler:

1. Motherboard- The "house" of the CPU, RAM, GPU, and requires power.

2. HDD- Storage of the computer.

3. SSD- Used primarily as a boot drive and to hold games.

4. Case- Houses everything of the computer.

5. ODD- The disk drive.

6. Cooler, because CPUs being over clocked can reach as high as 90 degrees CELSIUS.

Well, wrap it up!

So, as many people can see now, the computer is not just that box you turn on and play on. There is more to the computer, so this has fascinated me for about 1 year now, and I hope I will find some new people to talk about this with.