From Sea to Salt

By: Nirmal Melam


Salt is a really important to the world because theres only a max amount of salt.


Salt sources are rock salt and brine. And it starts as where there are two people and tnd when they get there,


They put the water into a boiling pot and the water slowly evaporates, and after the water evaporates they take the salt and smash it down and put it in the oven. Then they take the salt to the store.


Then they put salt in the bag. And then they take the salt in a closing machine. And next they sell it to there customers.

Fun Facts

Here are some more facts, Salt is a common name for the substance sodium chloride [Naci]. The earliest humans obtained there salt from natural salt concentrations, Called licks, And from meat. Rock salt is crystilized. Brine is water containing a high concentration of salt.


So now you know go to the store and buy some salt.
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