Jena Loch - 3rd hour science

The career overview

Zoology is all about learning about the animals and the cell structure also the molecular. You also understand the process of the animals that you are studying. Plus you get to study many different types of different animals.

Stuff you need to do to succeed in this career

You need to take good classes in high school you need 4 years of English, 3 years in math, and 2 years in science.

Plus in college you would need a bachelor's degree and there is a bachelor degree program for college.


Do you like animals? Do you like to know more stuff about animals? Well theni think you should do zoology. Then because you can that and even more.

Cost of education and livening

The education and livening cost is 87,028.

The amount of cost for housing is 10,450.

The amount for food and groceries will be 8,955.

The amount gas money will be 5,345.

The amount of money for clothing will be 10,200.

Plus the total of the tuition will be 52,078.

Also the amount per semester will be 20,831.52.

The professional organizations

The Mammel Society - http://www.abdn.ac.uk/mammel/

The Society for Marine Mammalogy - http://pegasus.cc.ucf.edu/~smm/


Good paying job.

You are working with a really bug amount of animals.

You can be inside and outside because it could get boring just staying in one place.


You will have to do a tremendous research on the wildlife organisms.

You could be doing really dangerous work with dangerous organisms.

You have to do a lot of years in school to in order to be a zoology.

Websites to find information on zoology