Semester Two Review

Jessica Greer 6/1/15 6th period

John Locke

English philosopher that believed in liberty, prosperity, and democracy in life.

He was against absolute rule of one person.

Natural Rights

Life. Liberty, and Property.

Any right that exists by virtue of natural law.

Ferdinand Magellan

First person to go completely around the world.

Portuguese explorer.


Big nation has control over a small nation.

Ex: U.S. wanting the Philippines, France wanting Vietnam.

Adam Smith

Wrote "Wealth of nations"

Believed state shouldn't interfere in economic matters.

Henry VIII

King of England, and wanted heir to the English throne.

Started a new church called Anglican Church of England.

Russian Revolution

The bolsheviks outs the Romanov's.

The Romanov's ruled Russia for 300 years.


The acceptance of or belief in absolute principles in political, philosophical, ethical, or theological matters.

Ruler holds total power tied to the divine rights of kings.

How was the WWI fought?

It was fought in trenches.

They fought with machine guns.

Congress of Vienna

Balance of the powers.

Planned the post Napoleonic world and rebuilt Europe.