Steinbeck's Legacy & Work

We are reading the last half of "The Pearl" this week. Usually I give you a lot of reading "option" this time I want you to stick to online. We are reading this together. As you read you need to add comments to this document. These comments can be:
  • Questions
  • Observations
  • Statements that you like
  • Pointing out elements of literature that you recognize (irony, metaphor, symbol...)

Everything you post WILL BE SEEN by others in your class. Please make sure you are signed into your account so that it is easy for me to give you credit for your portion of work (I don't want to have to figure out who skate& is :) You should make at least 5 quality comments per week.

CLICK HERE for the document

"The Pearl Project"

"The Pearl" contains a lot of themes

-Good Vs. Evil
-Primitivity- Man in the Natural World
-Hope, Dreams, Plans
-The Supernatural

Your job is to choose ONE of these themes to focus on and present to the class 1) what Steinbeck was trying to say about this subject, and 2) what you think you will personally take away from how Steinbeck handled this theme (you do NOT have to agree with Steinbeck).

You will present this to the class by...
  1. Creating a Prezi with the content you want to present
  2. Using an audio- recorder such as to record what you want to say on each slide, and attaching the link on it.
  3. Then posting your project HERE for everyone to view and comment on.
  4. Click HERE (again) to comment on 2 of your classmates projects on whether or not YOU have similar "take away" applications as what they expressed in their projects.

Let's Look at Some Examples of this Project Critically

Weekly Checklist

  • Read and Comment on the last half of "The Pearl" CLICK HERE
  • Comment on the three Samples (Look above for links)
  • Complete your Project CLICK HERE
  • Comment on classmate's projects HERE