Josh Byrd 4/17/1999

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


My name is Josh Byrd and I'm a sophomore attending Lugoff-Elgin High School. I have one brother named Javone and is in college. I live with my mom and shes the person who influences me to become the best I can be.

Characteristics of myself

I am athletic and I play for the varsity basketball team. I also played football up until my 8th grade year.

Hobby's and After school activities

After school I train with pro skills trainer Marsellius Brown. When I'm not working with him I'll usually will sleep or eat.


5 Events that are significant to my life:

  • I got my license in November
  • I won MVP for my JV team last year
  • I shot the game winning shot to win the game against Brookland-Cayce
  • I lost my grandmother to cancer
  • I got braces last year

5 Events that are significant to my own lifetime:

  • 9/11
  • Assassination of Osama Bin Laden
  • Hijacking of the Malaysia Planes
  • Earthquake in Haiti
  • Hurricane Katrina
5 events that are significant to my parent:

  • She graduated from Claflin University in 1988
  • Played softball in high school, college, and today
  • Married Edgar Byrd
  • Had two children
  • Mother passed away

5 Events that are significant to her lifetime:

  • Hurricane Hugo
  • President Nixon was impeached
  • Martin Luther King assassinated
  • The 9th largest NBA crowd, Chicago vs Detroit. 38,000 people attended
  • Hp introduced advanced scientific calculator

What does my future hold in 2020?

By the year of 2020 I'll be playing college basketball and going into the NBA draft the next year.