Don't leave your friends.

Rhett Tolman 1/2

Analasis of the Development of Theme

The characters in freak the mighty Are very important to the story line because the are the main part of the story. The main two characters are Max and freak. They look differnt then most people but that doesen't mean that they are. The just are either big or small. Because max is around 7 feet tall. Then freak is like three feet tall witch is how it makes him sound. There is also other main people but they aren't as important like Gwen, Grim, Gram, and a few other characters.

The setting is also a major part of the story. If there isn't any settings there wouldn't be any conflict because what if they don't tell you the setting then you could think the final battle could be in a magical rainbow that has unicorns flying everywhere. (that wouldn't be exiting).

The plot is probably the most important thing because it tells how the story goes along and how the story goes and ends. Like in freak the mighty If there was no plot it could have talked about them going to day care while his dad was kidnapping him.

Reflection and application of the theme

I agree with the theme because It is a major part of what the story is about and how it goes along. Like when freak and max meet they don't know how each other act so they don't know what to do so they end up acting wrong. Like when freak says die human die when max sees freak and he runs away because he thinks freak is going to kill him. Then they get to know each other so they act better because they know each other more.

Visual and Application of Theme


The story begins by telling how the first met in day care and how they didn't really like each other. Then it tells how they meet again and how they become best friends and how the are fighting monster and killing dragons. Then max gets kidnaped and then freak saves him and the put the kidnaper in jail.