Transforming with iTunes U

Coppell ISD

iTunes U Library

Formerly, students' backpacks contained hard copies of their class materials. Using an iTunes U Library, course materials will be organized digitally.

Unlimited Accessibility

Resources are available 24/7 to allow for individual learner pacing. They are able to review and extend their understanding by accessing materials in a time that fits their needs.


Learners are given the opportunity to interact with content, explore information and present their understanding.

Example Apps below:


Imagine a textbook that includes interactive images, imbedded videos, and formative assessment - all part of a book! Students are able to highlight, make notes, create or use flashcards and interact with the book in new ways.

Globalized Learning

Within a course, learners can access videos, utilize Skype, and connect via world-wide networks to interact with and apply content.

Example below:
Planning_and_Development for Mrs. Young