Monday Memo

Do you think I might get ths out on Monday ever?!

Welcome to September!

Fall is upon us (still doesn't feel that way outside, but I hear it's fall) and what better way to embrace a new season than by embracing your business! There is so much to help you make the most of this season (and by the way, stylists earn on average 40% of their annual income in the next 4 months!) so let's get started!

Super Stars Program!

So excited about this! Take the steps to promote from Stylist to Star, or maintain your payrank of Star. By the end of 12 weeks you will learn to maximize the skills of book, sell and sponsor and learn how to teach the new Stylists you sponsor to do the same, building a small team of engaged, joyful Stylists. You’ll learn a few fun tactics to build team community and increase Stylist productivity and activity. You’ll be poised to become a Heart of Leadership Star. It starts today, so if you haven't already registered, zip on over to the lounge and click on the "promote this fall." Please let me know when you have registered.

Stack Up Your Rewards this Month!

With the holiday collection launching later this month, this is the perfect time to get loads of product credit. FYI, we got a sneak peek of Holiday during Director's Day at Hoopla, and [swoon] you are going to LOVE it!

1. Want to go for the gusto?

Sell $5,000 in retail sales (3250 PCV), you’ll earn $500 Product Credit – PLUS you’ve earned your

Stellar Seller!

Think you can double that? Sell $10,000 in September and you’ll earn TWO Stellar Sellers, plus your $1000 in

Product Credit – that’s $1,200 in free Product Credit! (Oh, andif you’ve already qualified for the Consistency Bonus in July and

August – You’ve just earn the Consistency Bonus, too!)

2. I’m in my Jumpstart, do I qualify for both programs?

YES! You are eligible to earn rewards with both programs.

3. What if I sponsor someone?

You can keep on stackin’! For every Stylist you sponsor in September who earns their first Book & Sell award (during their

Jumpstart) you’ll earn$300 in Product Credit.

4. When can I start earning?

This earning period begins September 1st 12:00am PT and ends September 30th 11:59pmPT.

5. When will I be awarded my product credit?

Rewards earned through 9/22 will be paid out on 9/23 in time for sampling! Rewards earned from 9/23-9/30 will be paid out on

October 5th , before sampling ends.

6. What sales will count towards my Rewards?

All out-of-pocket sales for your customers and Hostesses! Personal sample sales will not count. Purchases made with store

credit and gift cards will only be eligible for the product amount paid for out of pocket by your customer or Hostess.

7. Can I track how much I’ve earned?

You’ll be able to view ‘Stack Up Your Rewards’ in a special section of your Monthly Goal Tracker as well as in your right hand

‘Month to Date’ report. This will show you how much you’ve stacked up from your sales! Product Credit earned from sponsoring will not reflect in this report.

Trunk Show Exclusive Offers

Don't forget to offer EVERY guest who spends at least $50, the opportunity to purchase one of these fabulous Color Prep items at 50% off! Just think how much your show totals will improve if even HALF of your guests took advantage of this! The best-selling Jolie necklace is even better at half off!

Hostess Exclusives

Beginning in September, your hostesses can select any of the Hostess Exclusive items with their free jewelry credits or their half off items. They will not be able to place their order until October 1st but they will be FIRST to have access to them! Use this image now to get them on board! Personally, I am DYING for that cobalt blue wallet, so you better believe I'll be hosting a show of my own this month!

It's Almost Here

Fall Bootcamp is almost here, and I cannot wait! It's not too late to register (the deadline to register as a guest for the MSD event and get a free piece of jewelry has passed) but there's still time to get yourself to training! For our local bootcamp, click here:
For all other bootcamps, please go to the events section of the lounge where you can search by state! You can still bring a guest to the MSD event! I'll have some extra surcies so no one will walk away empty handed. Just let me know if you have a guest coming who is NOT already registered.

As Always...

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out! I am here to help you make the most of your business! xoxo