Chew On This!

Emily Murphy P3

Should gum chewing be allowed in school?

To most schools, gum is their biggest enemy. The chewing, smacking, and blowing of bubble gum could be just enough to drive any teacher crazy. And don't even mention the under-the-desk situation. But what if people's views on gum should be changed? Does gum chewing actually help you more than hurt you? Despite school faculties despise of the product, studies show that gum chewing actually helps students increase their brain activity and become more focused.

The science behind gum really explains it's benefits. The movement of the jaw when chewing helps to keep students awake and focused. In fact, research done by the University of Rhode Island shows that chewing gum can increase your metabolism by 20%, which aids your physical alertness. (To Chew or Not to Chew) And an alert student is a learning student. So, with all of these benefits, why do schools still ban gum? Some say that gum chewing is an unhealthy habit and can rot your teeth. But it is really just the opposite. Sugar-free gum can reduce cavities by 70%, according to the Trident Company.