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April 28, 2016-11th Edition

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Teacher Appreciation Week
Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2-6. Please watch for social media posts from the DESE office to help celebrate teachers. Use #ThankaMOTeacher to thank yours!

Don't forget to tag #MVR3Learns too!

It's not to late to sign up....

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District Spotlight on Student Learning

CSIP Goal 1-Student Achievement

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PHS & State Honors

"Congratulations to the speech team for their success at this year's state tournament.

Pacific's Readers' Theatre placed 3rd in the preliminary round behind last year's state champion, Lexington, and this year's eventual state champion, Raymore-Peculiar.

Ellie Schmidt placed 6th, becoming the first PHS student to advance to the state finals of Original Oratory.

Claire Blythe & Jacob Schmidt concluded brilliant speech careers with a 4th-place finish in Duet Acting. Jacob ends his career as a two-time state finalist, while Claire becomes only the second PHS student to reach the state finals three times.

In his first trip to the state tournament, Alan Peterson won the state championship in Prose Reading.

And Sarah Thompson won her second consecutive state championship in Radio Speaking. Sarah finished her senior season undefeated, with a winning streak of nine consecutive tournaments dating back to January of 2015. Sarah won 10 of her last 11 tournaments and 11 of her last 14." Article extracted from an email celebration from Mr. Ed Kappeler, PHS English Teacher and PHS Speech Team Sponsor

Photo tweeted out by @Pacific Indians on April 21 as the team prepared for state.

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MVR-III Sweeps the Regional Spelling Bee

On Saturday, April 23, 2016, Kelci Moore of Riverbend and Nolan Vilcek of Coleman placed first and second, respectively, at the Franklin County East Central Spelling Bee. Way to go MVR-III students.

Photo submitted by Mrs. Ketina Armstrong, RB Principal

Caption courtesy of Mrs. Lisa Weirich, NE Principal and 2016-2017 Coleman Elementary Principal.

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District Academic Achievement Committee

The District Academic Achievement Committee is the district committee that oversees the implementation and progress towards meeting the MVR-III CSIP Goals. This committee will meet on Thursday, May 12th, to review progress in all five goal areas and to revise the plan for the future. Email Randy George, MVR-III Superintendent, if you would like to join the District Academic Achievement Committee or if you have suggestions for action steps that need attention to support continuous school improvement.

Odyssey Program K-12

High school Odyssey students recently returned to the elementary level to help out the younger Odyssey students with their electric game boards. Odyssey students in grades 1st & 2nd have been learning about the many facets of electricity. To culminate their unit on electricity, each student researched an animal of choice and created an electric game board designed with correct or incorrect questions about the "facts and content" related to their animal of choice. High school Odyssey students pictured above helped the younger students wire their game boards using aluminum foil, masking tape, cooper wire, bulbs, and 6-volt batteries. During the learner activity, the older students also shared their experiences of being an elementary Odyssey student.

Photos and article submitted by Debbie Hunkins, Elementary Odyssey Teacher

Thank you to Kyle Walz, District Odyssey Coordinator and Teacher for the collaboration on these learning standards.

Summer Professional Learning Series 2016


English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies Trainings with Fine Arts Integration

Missouri Learning Standards K-12 Expectations Workshops

The Missouri Department of Education Office of College and Career Readiness is offering a series of workshops designed to deepen understanding of the Missouri Learning Standards K-12 Expectations in English language arts, fine arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. The workshops explore implications for curriculum, instruction, and assessment as Missouri transitions to the new expectations. The series is free and designed for school and/or teacher leaders with the expectation that participants will share this information with other Missouri educators. To register for the K-5 Summer Learning Series, click here PDF Document. For the 6-12 series, click here PDF Document.

Participants who register for all four days will have the opportunity to attend mathematics, science, social studies, and/or English language arts trainings depending upon the needs and interests of the district.

Participants may attend the workshop for one content area per day, but are not committed to attending both days of a content area’s workshop. Space is limited: first come, first served.

MVR-III STAFF---If you register and get accepted to the DESE Summer Professional Learning Series please notify

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Read MOre, Missouri!


“Read MOre, Missouri!” is a statewide summer reading challenge to prevent summer slide— a loss of learning that many students experience while they are out of school. It’s easy to participate! Follow the path to the Top 10 by 20 and stop summer slide with Read MOre, Missouri! Kids can challenge themselves on how many books they will read this summer.

We encourage you to help your students discover the joy of reading for pleasure during the summer. There are many more ways to engage children in reading. While writing vocabulary words and tracking a story’s main idea may be one way, allowing your child to chose texts of interest and discussing what he or she likes about the text is another more engaging way to help students meet the deeper literacy standards included in the Missouri Learning Standards. Literacy is important skill for becoming college and career ready – one of the goals in the Top 10 by 20 initiative. Find details herePDF Document.

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Fight Summer Math Slide with...


The Missouri Math Challenge is a way to encourage students to keep their math skills sharp over the summer. On average, students lose 2.6 months in grade-level equivalency in math skills during summer break. It’s easy for parents to sign up their children to participate! Stay on the road to the Top 10 by 20 and fight summer math loss with the Missouri Math Challenge!

Enroll your child in the Summer Math Challenge!

District Updates

Lighter side of Learning

Have a funny cartoon, video, or quote related to loving the teaching and learning journey? Send it to a Curriculum Committee Member or PD Rep and ask to have it included in one of the Thursday Thoughts for Learning weekly newsletters.
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District TECH Meeting, Monday, May 2, 2016


Central Office

Draft Agenda

Sharing the 1:1 Handbook with committee members

Summer Tech Offerings

Summer Tech Updates

1:1 Resource Table at the Ice Cream Social

On May 4, 2016, MVMS is hosting an Ice Cream Social for the incoming 2016-2017 class of 6th grade students from 4pm-7pm. The District Technology Department will be on-site hosting a resource table for 1:1 Q/A, demo of the devices for the 1:1 initiative, and much more.

CIA News

From the District Curriculum Review Committee...

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MVR-III Summer Curriculum Days

Sign up now for completing Phase II Curriculum Drafts on the designated summer curriculum development days:

June 14 & 15

July 19 & 20

Times and slots available on the Sign in-Google Accounts link below

Can't make the June/July days but still need some time???

If you are in Phase II of curriculum development and need some time and attention this summer to complete revisions, work on assessment pieces, pacing, etc. Please complete Form IF-AF2 for Curriculum Development and submit for consideration by May 13th.

From the desk of....

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CIA Calenar of Events Monday, May 2 - May 6, 2016

Monday, May 2 - Friday, May 6, 2016 is Teacher Appreciation Week

Monday, May 2---District Technology Committee Meeting, 4pm, CO

Curriculum Learning Walks---visiting Odyssey and Library Media Centers

Tuesday, May 3---National Teacher Appreciation Day

No District Policy Review Meeting necessary this month

Wednesday, May 4---Administrative Council Meeting, 9:15am-11:30am, CO

K-8 Admin Summer School Meeting, 11:30am-12:30pm, CO

6-8 Grade Science Resource Review, 11:30am-3:30pm, CO

Thursday, May 5---K-12 District Counselor Meeting, 9:15am-10:30am, CO

K-12 District Library Media Specialist Vertical Collaboration, 11:30am-12:45pm, RB LMC

District Recognition Ceremony, 5:00pm, Eagles Hall

Friday, May 6---St. Louis Area of Curriculum Coordinators Association, 8:30am-11:30am


PHS Administers Statewide ACT

On Tuesday, April 19, 2016, PHS had a total of 209 11th graders complete the statewide ACT.

Data provided by Susan Ashby, PHS Counselor and School Test Coordinator

Longitudinal data on PHS Juniors taking the ACT

In 2015, the Junior Class was the first class to take the ACT test as a whole under the state's new assessment plan. PHS was proud to report a participation rate of 96.3% of their 2015 Junior Class with an average ACT composite of 19.8.

Longitudinal Data on PHS Seniors Taking the ACT

PHS has had a long history of improving performance on the college readiness test. The past two school years, PHS has shown average ACT composite scores above 22. In 2014, the average student composite was 22.9 and in 2015 the average student composite score was 22.3. The National average in 2015 was 21 while the Missouri average was 21.7. Keep it up MVR-III students and staff as we ensure all students are college and/or career ready.

PHS Students Prepare to "Show What They Know" on the AP Exams

PHS has a total of 20 students taking 23 AP Exams during the week of May 2-6, 2016.

18 students taking the AP Government test

2 taking the AP Psychology test

1 taking the AP European History test

1 taking the AP Calculus AP test

1 taking the AP Computer Science test

Best of Luck to all our students on the AP Exams!

Data provided by Michel Brindell, PHS Counselor and AP Proctor

We need your input on the 2016-2017 District Assessment Plan

5 days left....

District counselors, diagnosticians, nurses, and administration will be reviewing the current District Assessment Plan preparing for the 2016-2017 school year. MSIP 5 Process Standard for Instruction (I4) provides the basis for our MVR-III District Assessment Plan. Want to give input on the quality, quantity, or assessment needs reported in the district assessment plan? If so, please email Quinn Flexsenhar, A+ Coordinator/District Assessment/Secondary Curriculum Director, on or before May 3, 2016.

PDC News

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RPDC wants your input on PD

South Central RPDC is here to serve and support our schools. Please help us know your needs by completing this short Professional Learning Needs Survey.

Also, please forward the link to your staff and colleagues. It should take about 5 minutes to complete.

Many thanks! Have a great end to your school year!

Thank you – South Central RPDC

Request for Approval of Advanced Professional Courses---Due by May 1st yearly

4 days left...If you plan on taking summer college courses and you would like these courses reviewed for approval to advance your movement on the district salary schedule, you must submit and receive approval by May 1st per policy (extended to May 2nd this year only) using the Request for Approval of Advanced Professional Work Form GCBA-AF1.

Submit your PL Summaries from April PD

All April PL Summaries must be submitted by Wednesday, May 4th. CEU and Stipend calculation must be completed by the May 5th deadline for CO. Find the forms and processes that you might be looking for on the website. See the link below.

Don't forget the "2 of 3" Rule

If you are exempt and meet the "2 of 3" rule you do not have to submit a PD Log this year.

Not sure....ask your PD Rep or building admin.

Sample PD logs can be found on the district website under Professional Development.

All 2015-2016 PD logs are due to your building principal at your May "checkout".

District Spotlight on Educator Learning

Goal 2 of the 2015-2020 MVR-III Comprehensive School Improvement Plan
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Education Update, April 2016 Issue

Need something quick and interesting to read? Check out the Education Updates provided by ASCD. This one is a great read....and comes with a section titled ROADTESTED. Check out more of ASCD as your MVR-III PDC pays for a yearly institutional membership for every building. Ask your administrator for more details.

In April we are reminded to ONLY grade what matters, to be kind to our students, and to not overlook their lifelines. Enjoy!

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Thank you Zitzman Elementary & Art Teacher Stacy Johnson for the student art work that @DistrictMVR3 is using for our Twitter background during the month of May.

MVR-III School District

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