Class 10/14

GAFE ignite session

As you come in...

  • Open the google apps for education Google Slides presentation - know who is presenting before you.
  • Introduce yourself prior to jumping into your presentation.
  • You have 1-2 minutes to present your app / addon/ extension.
Google apps for education presentation

Click here to go to the presentation for today


  • Looking ahead after break, we will be creating an augmented reality activity for our virtual co-op (10/19 and 10/21) during class.
  • Contact your virtual co-op about Augmented reality prior to the class ending today.
  • Participate in a Twitter chat by 10/23
  • Want to work ahead? Quest 19 opens this afternoon - due 10/26
  • Guild 3 will be leading an edcafe on 10/26 on Components 2b, 3e, and 4b - be on the look out for an email!