The Path January 2020

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  • January 13th: PTO Meeting, 7:00-8:00 pm (link on PTO FB Page)
  • January 15th: NO SCHOOL (students), Teacher Planning Day
  • January 18th: NO SCHOOL (students and staff), Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • January 21st and 22nd: NO SCHOOL for K-5 IHD Students, Teacher Planning Days
  • January 22nd: PTO STAY AT HOME MOVIE NIGHT (see the flyer below)
  • January 25th: Grades K-2 IHD Students COME BACK EVERY DAY 8:30-3:10
  • January 28th: 2nd Quarter Ends
  • January 29th: NO SCHOOL (students), Teacher Work Day
  • February 1st: 3rd Quarter Starts
  • February 8th: Grades 3-5 IHD Students COME BACK EVERY DAY (all grades back) 8:30-3:10
  • February 9th, 11th, and 16th---CONFERENCES
  • February 12th: NO SCHOOL (students), Teacher Work Day
  • February 15th: NO SCHOOL (students and staff), President's Day

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We are excited to have the kids back here at Sun Path! The School Approved the following information on January 5th. These below dates are also included above in the

"Important Dates" section:

Elementary Schools

A summary of approved elementary updates are below.

  • Elementary IHD students in grades K-2 will shift into the in-person learning model (five days per week on site) on Monday, January 25, 2021.
  • Elementary IHD students in grades 3-5 will remain in distance learning until Friday, February 5, 2021. They will shift to in-person learning (five days per week) on Monday, February 8, 2021.
  • School start times will be adjusted to those originally planned for the school year (which are an hour earlier than hybrid).
    • Jackson & Sun Path: 8:30am - 3:10pm
    • Eagle Creek, Red Oak & Sweeney: 9:05am-3:45pm
  • Transportation: the majority of students will ride the same bus route (stop and bus unchanged), with morning pickup being one hour earlier. Additionally, the majority of afternoon student routes will remain unchanged. If there is a change to your child's bus route you will receive a post card in the mail from Palmer.
    • Full details will be available in parent portal and communicated directly to those with significant transportation changes the week of January 18.

Please note that the district and Pandemic Response Advisory Team will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that the above in-person start dates for elementary IHD students remain a safe and appropriate choice. Should the situation change, a recommendation may possibly be made to delay the start of in-person learning for elementary IHD students.

Important Information to Follow

As we return to in-person learning for elementary students in the IHD program, there are new rules pertaining to mitigation and health safety protocols that will be employed by staff. There are also updates to transportation/busing routes, food services/student meals, YMCA school age child care and small group instruction. This information will be communicated in the coming days and week from both the district and elementary schools.

We are excited to see Grades K-2 on January 25th and Grades 3-5 on February 8th!

Please reach out to us with any questions you have!

Distance Learning Supply Pick Up ONLY 3rd, 4th and 5th Graders

There will be a supply pick-up on Monday, January 11th, and Tuesday, January 12th from 8:00-3:30.

There are NO SUPPLIES to pick up for Kindergartners, first graders, or second graders.

Please DO COME and pick up supplies if you have a third, fourth, or fifth grader.

Pull up to the upper lot and pull up along the sidewalk. A staff member will come out and ask for your child's name, and teacher and then bring your student's supplies out to you.

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Book Check Out - How to Access books and ebooks for distance learning.

Searching for a book for pick-up at your school:

go to

  1. Search for books in your school's library catalog
  2. Fill out the book request form for the books you would like to check out (up to 3 books at a time)
  3. If the book is available, you will be notified by email and the book will be checked out to your account and held in the main office for you for 3 days. If the books is not picked up in 3 days, the book will be checked in and returned to the library shelves.
  4. Books have a 21 day checkout period, but you can renew them by calling or emailing your school's Learning Commons.
  5. Books can be returned to the main office. PLEASE return previous books checked out!

Mackin VIA ebooks (download app on ipad in self service)

Use the app downloaded from self service or go to

  • Select your home school by typing the school name.
  • User ID: the students ID number (student number is also lunch number- this is a 6 digit number) Same as Google log-in information.
  • Password: student's first name initial capitalized, last name initial lowercase, birthdate in six digits.
  • Ex. password: Gho12811 (first name uppercase, last name lowercase, birthdate is January 28, 2011)

CloudLibrary eBooks

  • Select USA, Minnesota and Scott County Library
  • Card Number: 720+ student ID number (lunch number)
  • PIN: last 4 digits of the student ID number and lunch number


February 8th-21st

More details to come next month!

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Community Resources & Links

On the Shakopee website there are community resources and links to help you access all types of resources including food, medical, mental health, etc.. Please reach out to our school social worker Kelsi Henningsen (952-496-5896) If you have any questions or need help finding assistance of any kind. We are all in this together!

Note from our School Social Worker and Psychologist


Take care,

Kelsi Henningsen, school social worker

952-496-5896 (please leave a voicemail)

Stephanie St Peter, school psychologist

952-496-5812 (please leave a voicemail)

Family Social Emotional Well Being Form

click here to access the form

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Free Dental Care will be offered by local dentists on Feb. 5, 2021 for students preschool – 12th. Go to to find participating clinics and make your appointments now. All dental clinics practice COVID precautions.

If you need language help, call 800-543-7709 where Information and Referral Specialists can assist you in Hmong, Somali and Spanish Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The specialists there can place a three-way call to the dental clinic and assist you in making an appointment.

Currently, dentists in Scott County in Belle Plaine and Prior lake, dentist in Carver County in Chaska and Hennepin County at Normandale College all have openings.

Keep checking the website as new dentist offices will be added.


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Dear Parents/Guardians,

This year we are implementing PBIS in our school.

The approach of PBIS is to manage behavior by acknowledging positive behavior. Students will begin to build intrinsic motivation to behave in a positive way which will help create a positive learning environment in all areas of the school. Sun Path Elementary has developed a common language for behavior expectations in each area. You will soon see these expectations posted around the building and all students will be explicitly taught in each area of the school (cafeteria, playground, classroom, etc.)

We will work hard every day to “Be a Saber.” We will work together to learn each behavior expectation throughout the school. Expectations will be taught and practiced during the school year.

What does it mean to “Be a Saber?”

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe

Be Positive

We have been using “Saber Slips” and “Saber Stickers” to acknowledge the great things students are doing to “Be a Saber.” Students have been and will be given a slip at school from staff members. The students will be given a sticker to take home.

Just like in academics, we expect students to make behavior mistakes as they learn!

Students will be given opportunities to fix their mistakes with practice. If it is not fixed after two reminders with practice and teacher support, the student will be given a “minor.” There will be communication with the family to make the parent aware we are working on the behavior. Our focus will be for students to learn and improve their behavior

Any “major” behavior will be handled by the office.

Teaching proper behaviors is a team effort between the school and parents. We appreciate the support and follow-through when both positive and negative behaviors are observed.

We look forward to all the wonderful things PBIS will bring to Sun Path! Please look for more information to go home throughout the year regarding PBIS.

Be kind. Work hard. Be a SABER!

Congratulations to our November and December Saber Winners! These students were selected from a school-wide drawing of students who received SABER slips in the months of November and December Keep up the great work!

November Winners:

Kindergarten: Lily and Angela

First Grade: Harrison and Zach

Second Grade: Tyler and Kennedy

Third Grade: Logan and Jackson

Fourth Grade: Laila and Jasmine

Fifth Grade: Aaron and Brian

December Winners:

Kindergarten: Saara and Maya

First Grade: Luna and Bennett

Second Grade: Owen and Clayton

Third Grade: Gabe and Quinn

Fourth Grade: Jackson and Hudson

Fifth Grade: Tramire and Ava


Have a Bachelor's degree and want to make a difference in the community?


We will:

  • Help you get a short call license (It is easier than you think!)
  • Answer your questions
  • Arrange for an observation of an outstanding teacher
  • Coach you on taking over a classroom

If this sounds good and you are interested:

Call: 952-496-5014 or email:

Make $130 per day with a flexible schedule


If you need to report an absence, please call 952-496-5893 and leave your reason for details on the voicemail.


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Amazon SMILE

Amazon ordering has picked up a lot with our social distancing so please sign up for AmazonSmile to give back to Sun Path PTO in a simple way.

AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support Sun Path! Just go to the link below and search for Sun Path PTO. Amazon will give a portion from your purchase back to your purchase back to our school.

Sun Path Office Staff