The Life of a Psychologist

By.Alexis Lowary

Why Psychology?

Have you ever been interested in the medical field? Maybe you want an occupation in the medical field, but without all the blood and needles. A job that includes, medicine, and people. A Psychologist. The life of a Psychologist is a very interesting, but often very difficult. A psychologist works with mental and emotional therapeutic insights.

Education and Training

Being a psychologist isn't exactly easy though. To become a fully trained Psychologist you have to earn a bachelors degree in psychology and science. Following that, you have to attend and complete graduate studies. Next you need to be involved in an internship or residency. Most colleges require 160 hours. The final step is to get licensed. Almost all states require an exam to get licensed.

Who can do this Job? Job skills? Experience?

People who decide to take on this profession often have to possess certain qualities. These people need to be good, and respectful listeners. Most of the time patients have a hard time expressing there emotions and thoughts to others. So if you aren't paying attention the wont feel comfortable talking with you.

Next, you need to be able to keep things confidential. You aren't allowed to "take your work home with you." Anything said between the therapist and the patient is confidential at all times according to the "American Psychological Associations Code of Ethics."

Finally, you need to be a genuinely caring person. You need to care and understand peoples emotions and thoughts no matter how stupid you think they are. So, if you get frustrated with others problems, this is not the job for you.

Typical Day

A typical day of a psychologist is basically sitting down professionally and talking about peoples emotions. They typically will review progress and discuss treatment options and plans.


Benefits of being psychologist is just knowing how much of an impact you are making in someones life. You can hep people change there life style, and help people cope with stressful anxiety and situations.


Psychologists make about around $75,790 per year. Psychology is also one of the most high paying occupations


In conclusion, A psychologist is needed daily in a lot of peoples lives. They are a very important part of the medical field. Now you know a little bit more about about the job of a psychologist.