Ludwig Van Beetoven


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Beetoven's years as a adolecsent

Beethoven was one of 7, and had a tough childhood, He loved his mother but she eventually passed away. His father was a hard drinker. Once he saw Beethovens talent, he used him as a source of income for the family.
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Map of Germany

This is where Mozart lived until his teen years, 17. He was born in Bonn, German where he wrote his first compositions. He hen moved to Vienna, Austria for the rest of his life,. This is whee he wrote his major pieces and symphonies. This is also where he passed away. Mozart and Beethoven also met each other in Vienna.
Beethoven's 5th Symphony

Beethoven's Symphony's

Arguably one of Beethoven's Best compositions, when I heard this, his was my most recognized I heard from listening to it. Another popular one that I recognized was Symphony 9. Iv'e heard i in movies and video games, and one right when I heard it I knew what it was.

Other Compositions by Beethoven

Symphony no. 9

Symphony No. 3


Mozarts Legacy

He always be remembered as a great composer who wrote great music, a leader, and will still have a mark on the world for generations to come

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