Marco Polo

An Explorer

Marco Polo: Fact File

Name: Marco Polo

Was born in Venice Italy

Born on : September 15 1254

Die on : January 8–9, 1324

His Journey

Where did he travel?

It took Marco Polo three years to get to China. Along the way he visited many great cities and saw many sites including the holy city of Jerusalem, the mountains of the Hindu Kush, Persia, and the Gobi Desert. He met a lot of different types of people and had many adventures.

Did he discover anything new?

He discovered spaghetti, ice-cream, eye glasses to just name a few things that he found during his visits to Asia. In China, he discovered noodles, herbs, and spices, just to name a few.

How did he prepare for the journey?

He learnd how to trade goods.

What equipment did he take along?

His compass and his journal so that he can record information of his journey and what China looks like.

Did he go alone or with a team?

Marco Polo traveled with his father and uncle.

How long was the journey?

His first journey took 15 years and his second joureny took 25 years.

3 characteristics that explorer must have:

1. Smart- Because if he isn't smart it will hurt his seaching skills.

2. Brave.-Because he goes to a lot of dangerous places.

3. Responsible.-Because he needs to be responsible and take care of his crew.

Presenters: Asaf Uzan, Mor

would we like to go on his journey?

We don't want to participate in the journey, because we don't like being away from home..