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October is Here!

Dear Centerville Friends,

The changes of fall are all around outside. These changes are beautiful and inspiring. Inside our school, we are seeing many similar changes. Students are learning, teachers are engaging and we love seeing students grow. As we continue to progress through our school year, we ask you as parents to please check in with your students frequently and ask them how their day was, what went well, and what did they learn. We want all students to feel safe and welcome at school.

Check out this edition for information on the following:

Fall Festival -Thank you!

Field Trip Fun - check out our pictures!

Mental Health Resources

School Grades

Fall Break

Halloween costume guidelines

Pal & Spectrum Information

Together We Soar!

Upcoming Dates

October 11, Living Planet Aquarium (2nd grade)

October 13-14th, Thursday & Friday - Fall Break

October 17-21st - PTA Ribbon Week

October 17, Clark Planetarium (6th grade)

October 19, Pack Farms (1st grade)

October 31, End of 2nd Term, Halloween celebrations, early dismissal

November 1, No school for students- Professional day for teachers

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Thank you to our amazing PTA, Community, Teachers and staff who all helped make this year's FALL FESTIVAL the best one yet! Thank you to all who shared their time and talents. What a wonderful, memorable event!

PTA Membership

Don’t forget to join the PTA! Memberships are $6 each. You can log into your my.DSD guardian account to become and member and you can donate $20 per child or $50 for a family in lieu of a fundraiser. When you make a donation, all monies donated stay at Centerville Elementary. The money that we collect goes towards providing our students many activities throughout the school year like Moms and Muffins, Field Day, Red Ribbon Week, etc. Thanks PTA!


We have at our school what is called the “Spectrum” Program, which is a full-time program for high-ability learners. This program contains a challenging curriculum with an emphasis on higher level critical and creative thinking skills including depth, complexity and rigor. The Pals program, which is not held at our school, is specifically for grades 1-3 while the Spectrum Program is for grades 4-6.

Who should apply? Current K-5 students who consistently demonstrate above average academic ability and would benefit from learning in a faster paced environment with their cognitive peers. These programs offer a challenging curriculum with an emphasis on higher level critical and creative thinking skills including depth, complexity, and rigor.

The main testing window for 2-5th grades is in October-November and for K-1st grade in November-December. Between January and March we continue to test on a case by case basis. Placement for students begins in April.

For more information see the Davis Enhanced Education Program web page: https://www.davis.k12.ut.us/academics/gifted-talented/elementary

Click on CogAT Testing Application under the Elementary tab and then click on PAL or SPECTRUM TESTING APPLICATION.

Halloween Costume Guidelines

If students want to come to school in costume to celebrate Halloween, costumes must meet the following guidelines:

Be respectful: Avoid stereotypes. Be racially sensitive and culturally appropriate. Students may not dress up as an ethnic or cultural group (i.e., a Mexican, a Geisha, a Native American, etc). Skin color must not be altered in any way.

Be responsible: Recognize that students in a wide age range will see the costumes. Costumes should be family friendly. Masks may not be worn. Costumes may not be gory or threatening. No make-up is allowed.

On the day of the celebration, the teacher must know what costume each student, or parent volunteer is wearing.

Be safe: No hand-held accessories real or pretend (i.e., wands or weapons) are allowed. Crowns or hats may be worn.

Be kind: Costumes should be fun and exciting, not political, or offensive.

Be Understanding: Students may dress up as fictional characters if they follow the above guidelines.

Be Timely: All celebrations should be limited in time and held at the beginning or end of the school day.

Note: Every year in the State Title VI/Indian Education meeting, it is discussed that dressing up as Pocahontas or other Native American Leaders is inappropriate. Culture is not a costume. In respect to the Native American view, please advise students to refrain from dressing up as Native Americans (i.e., Sacagawea, Sitting Bull, etc.). This is cultural appropriation and is unacceptable.

** Students may choose to dress as a Disney character if they wear a label specify who they are. For example: Pocahontas, Moana

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Weekly Lunch Menu - ** menu subject to change when items are not available.


We are looking for some help in our cafeteria and will be on a modified lunch menu until we are fully staffed. Call 801 402 1400 if you want to help. Reminder that lunch is $2.05 unless you are qualified for free or reduced lunch.

We are looking for an office assistant to help daily for 3 hours including lunch and recess supervision.

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Centerville Elementary Veteran's

Dear Parents,

The students at Centerville Elementary will be honoring our military veterans and those currently serving in our military. We will be producing a school wide program especially for veterans and military who are family and friends of our students and faculty. If you have family or friends who are past veterans (current or deceased) or are currently serving in the military, we are inviting you to do one or both of the following:

Military Wall Display: Complete the information below and send it attached with a picture (hard copy or digital) of your friends or family member to the school. If you send a hard copy picture, send it with your child to their teacher or to the office. If you send a digital copy, send it to Mrs. Wiser (swiser@dsdmail.net).

Veteran’s Day Program: Complete the information below and please invite (if possible) your military veteran or those currently serving to our Veteran’s Day Program November 11th at 9:15 am in our covered courtyard. We ask that they come to the school not later than 9:00 am and meet in the library prior to the program. During the program, the veterans will sit as our guest of honor in a VIP section. VIP tickets will be issued a week prior to the program. This will expedite check in. Please have a photo ID available.

Questions: See Mrs. Wiser (3rd Grade) or Mrs. Wood (Librarian)

Click here for the submission form.

4th Grade Field Trip Fun

Check out how fun the Natural History Museum was!
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