Greek and Roman Contributions

By Justin Liang

Vases or cups

This was a Greek contribution. Back then, pottery that was used to hold water or olive oil.

Now these days, glass or pottery cups or vases are used to hold flowers, decorations, or drinks.


This is a Roman contribution (adequcts). Back then, they used adequcts to collect water from far rivers or from other sources of water for drinking, bathing, plumbing, and other things.Now, we use pipes that are underground to collect water for the same reasons as the Romans did.


The columns is a Greek contribution. Back then, they were used for decoration or construction purposes. Now these days, they are used for the same reasons.


This is a Roman contribution. Back in the Roman times, they used Latin for writing and speaking. In present time, we use English for writing and speaking. Many of our roots came from Latin

TV and Movies

This is a Greek contribution. Back then, they had plays performed in amphitheaters for entertainment. These days, we watch TV and movies for entertainment. But the idea of movies and TV came from the Greeks: watching shows for entertainment.


This is a Roman contribution. Back then, Christianity was a growing religion. By 380 CE, it was named the official religion of Rome by Theodocius. Now to this day, Christianity is still a very popular religion.


This is a Roman controbution. Back then, the Romans had a republic for some time and had elected rulers. Now, we have the US constitution that is based off the Roman laws and we have elected leaders too.

Competitive sports

This is a Greek contribution. Back then, they had the first Olympics with five sports: wrestling, boxing, long jump, foot race, and javelin throw. Now we have the modern olympics but also tones of other competitive sports such as soccer and football.