Mr. Frank

By Matthew Fox

Biography Paragraph

Mr. Frank is a kindhearted, middle aged person who is a husband to Edith Frank, a father to Anne and Margot Frank, a shelter provider to Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan, Peter, Mouchi, and Mr. Dussel, and friends with Miep and Victor Kraler. Mr. Frank is in his 40s who manufactures Opekta, so people can make jams with it. It also had something to do with pectin. Otto helped in organizing for the secret annex. Otto Frank was born in May 12, 1889 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. He was born into a liberal Jewish family. Otto had an older brother, younger brother, and a younger sister.



The symbol I chose for Mr. Frank is a house. The reason I chose a house is because he always welcomes people into his own house. He is welcoming and is a nice and warm person. He is also a strong person inside and provides for his family and friends. He is the source of shelter for his family and friends. He has also been known to blow out steam sometimes.


The next symbol I chose is a girder. A girder is one of those strong metal things that construction people use. The reason I chose a girder is because Mr. Frank is strong and sturdy. An example of when Mr. Frank was strong was when he found out that his wife died. Then when he found out his daughters, Peter, the Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel. He was strong because he had to overcome those to keep moving on and to stay alive.



Mr. Frank was brave even when he just went into hiding. If the Nazi’s ever caught them just hiding they could be killed on the spot. He was brave when he accepted even more people into the secret hiding place. They could have made a noise and it would have jeopardized the entire thing. He was even braver when he stayed cool when thief stole things and made a noise. He was the bravest of all when he stayed calm when the Nazi’s found them.


Mr. Frank was a caring, gentle, and loving person. He showed that he was loving when The Van Daans came to him, looking for a home and Mr. Frank welcomed them in. Even after they caused trouble and Mr. Van Daan stole food, he never wanted to kick them out. Later after the Van Daans were let in, Mr. Dussel needs a home. Mr. Frank lets him in with open arms. Dussel caused problems throughout for Anne, but Mr. Frank never lost his temper with him.