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Our City of Trenton!!!


The evolution of Cadwalader Park mirrors the growth of the City of Trenton in the last two hundred years, but also reflects a significant change in landscape style and attitude within the region. The nineteenth-century country estate that is now Cadwalader Park was profoundly influenced by the ideas of Andrew Jackson Downing, who set the definition of style for American rural landscapes in the mid-1800s. The firm of Frederick Law Olmsted and his sons was responsible for much of the early design of the park and its adjacent residential neighborhoods,

which were planned as a respite from the crowded, industrial, urban setting of Trenton. Cadwalader Park thrived as a well-loved and much-used municipal park until after World War II, when people began to travel more widely in search of recreation. Over the next 50 years, the park declined in a cycle of community misuse and

steadily decreasing municipal support.



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