SMG Spanish

Junior High Spanish Information

This semester 6A, 7A, and 8B are in Spanish and computer class. Not all students have returned their textbook forms. Students need to document any damages to their book to avoid book fines in May.

8B Spanish

Students have been working on the review from 6th and 7th grade Spanish. We are nearly done, so our nest step is to create "sock puppet" dialogues using an iPad app. Students will have grammar and vocabulary requirements. Look for links to them in the next Smore newsletter.

7A Spanish

We are reviewing 6th grade material before we begin new chapters. Check out these videos some students created to introduce themselves and use the verb Ser (to be).
7A Tellagami Project
7A Tellagami Project
7A Tellagami Project
7A Tellagami Project

6A Spanish

6A is currently working on Unidad 1-1. We are learning how to conjugate the verb ser which means to be. Check out the YouTube link below. We have a lot of fun chanting with this video. We are also working on subject pronouns and how they replace the subject in a sentence.

Unidad 1-1 Vocabulario

The photo to the right is a jpeg file of the vocabulary from Unidad 1-1.
Ser - To Be (Funny Spanish Song)

Elementary Spanish

We just finished a unit on the parts of the body (el cuerpo) in Spanish. There are some great YouTube songs in Spanish to help learn them. Check out the links below.
Pongo una mano - Atencion Atencion
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Moviendo el cuerpo

The younger students love this video because we get up and move and dance together.
08-Nido- Moviendo el cuerpo

Setting the table is our next unit in the elementary classroom.

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