Neon (Ne)

By: IIiana

In 1898 Morris Travers and Willam Ramsay discovered the element Neon. Neon is a colorless gas unless a high electrical voltage passes through. The element was discovered when the 2 chemists were chilling a liquid then heated it and collected the gas. Shortly after neon was discovered krypton was discovered in 1898. The boiling point is -246 degrease C. The melting point is -249 C. The word neon comes from the Greek word "new."
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  • Atomic number: 10
  • Atomic weight: 20
  • Number of protons: 10
  • Number of neutrons:10
  • Number of electrons:20

Fun Fact!

I happen to have a relationship to the element neon. I am Scottish and Greek. The word Neon comes from the Greek word "new." The 2 men who discovered the element were indeed Scottish!

The uses

Neon is mostly used for advertisement but is also used for other things. It is used for high voltage indicators, lightning arrestors, and TV tubes.