The Giver

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Book Summary

Jonas, a 12 year old boy, lives in a community that can be considered being "perfect". Everything in this community is controlled by a group of elders and has very strict rules. In the community everything is all the same including the people. This is the idea of "sameness". New children move to the Nurturing Center and are then carefully placed in family units by the group of elders. This community has no war, feelings, pain, music, and color. Jonas begins to learn more about his community when he is selected to be the Receiver of Memory. The Giver transmits memories of joy, sadness, and love to Jonas. These memories helped show how life used to be before the idea of "sameness" ever happened. When the Giver shows Jonas the video of his father "releasing" a baby, Jonas feels that everyone in his community is clueless about what is happening. Jonas begins to feel frustrated with his community and the idea of "sameness" every time he sees a new memory. The Giver and Jonas form a plan to release all the memories to the community. Will Jonas succeed in achieving this difficult task?
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Main Character: Jonas

Jonas is 12 year old boy who is selected to be the receiver during the December ceremony. He is intelligent, courageous, wise, and has integrity. Jonas faces many obstacles and challenges during his training. He tries his best not to fail like the last receiver, Rosemary had. Jonas also has to deal with pain while watching some painful memories that the Giver gives him. He also begins getting frustrated because he wants the other citizens to change the rules of "sameness" in their community. Jonas begins to miss his childhood and feels that he doesn't want his wisdom, the memories, and the pain.
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Other Characters

The Giver

The Giver is an old man who is known as the Receiver of Memory in Jonas' community. He has held the communities memories for many years and helps the Committee of Elders make important decisions with his wisdom. He has the ability to see things that others in the community can't. The giver is able to see color and feels that the community shouldn't have the idea of "sameness." He believes that Jonas would be the receiver who will release all the memories to the citizens in the community.


One of Jonas's friends that he has known since he was a child. She has red hair, which Jonas can only see. She was given the assignment of Caretaker of the Old. Fiona is a sensitive, gentle, and patient girl. She is happy to be helping the old people in the home and loves her assignment. She begins falling for Jonas in the end of the book.


Gabriel is a newchild who is not able to grow as fast as the other newchildren can. He is placed in Jonas's family unit by his father so that Gabe can be able to sleep better at night. Both Gabe and Jonas have light eyes which is rare in the community since most citizens have dark eyes. Jonas likes to transmit memories of joy and peacefulness to help Gabe sleep at night. Jonas and Gabriel begin to have a great bond with each other throughout the book. Later on, Gabriel is scheduled for release but Jonas saves him.

"The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It's the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared." -Lois Lowry, The Giver


*What do the Committee of Elders do/ what are their jobs?

*What do the Nines at the ceremony receive?

*What was the last receiver's in training name?

Overall Rating

Overall, i really liked this book. I liked the idea of having a whole different community and I loved how the author was able to even create this world that is so much different from ours. I liked how the Giver and Jonas began to form a close relationship with each other when they were in training. This book has so much meaning. I also love the idea of being able to transmit memories to others. Although i liked this book a lot, there were some things that i disliked about it, I hated how the author ended the book on a cliffhanger. We don't know what happens to Jonas and Gabe when they enter that house. We also don't know what happens to the community after the memories are released and how the Giver helps the community overcome their fear of the memories.
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