Moreau Heights Principal Newsletter

January 2018

Message from the Principal

Happy 2018!

We have had an amazing start to the new year! Students grow so very much in January and February in their academics and in social skills. It really is an exciting time to watch our Chargers!

For those looking for chances to get involved, there are MANY opportunities in the next month through PTO sponsored activities for the whole family. Check out the calendar below to see what we have planned!

We will be welcoming a new secretary in the next week, Jill Talken. She is joining us with great experience and enthusiasm to be working in a school environment. Join us in welcoming her to our Charger family!

Sue Haugen


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Can You Hear Me Now? - District Communication Survey

JCPS recently introduced the SCoPE survey (School Communications Performance Evaluation), to help us evaluate the effectiveness of communication with faculty and staff, parents and families, and our community. It is important that we hear from as many of our parents as possible. We will be using the SCoPE results to find out both what is working, so that we can keep doing it, as well as what we need to do better.

Here's a link to the parent/family survey: If you have any questions, please call the office of school-community relations at 659.3018. Thank you!

Calendar of Events

Tuesday, Jan. 9

*Conscious Discipline Parent Group Meeting 11:00 in library

(all k-1 parents invited, lunch provided)

*PTO meeting 6:00 in library

Friday, Jan. 12

*PTO Fun"d" Day (watch for more information)

Monday, Jan. 15

*No School - MLK, Jr. Birthday

Tuesday, Jan. 23

*100th Day of School

Thursday, Jan. 25

*Show-Me Players visit 4th and 5th graders 8:30 a.m.

Friday, Jan. 26

*PBS Assemblies

- 8:30 for grades 3-5

- 9:40 for grades k-2

Thursday, Feb. 1

*Progress Reports go home

Feb. 4 - 9 - Counselor Appreciation Week

Thursday, Feb. 8

*PTO Talent Show 6:00

FREE Thermometer - FLUency Program


The Kinsa FLUency program is now live for our school! This program will keep our school healthier by:

● Giving each family a FREE Kinsa Thermometer

● Showing all families "what's going around" for preventative care

● Reducing sick days through early detection and increased awareness

The more families that participate, the more successful the program will be in keeping our students healthier throughout this flu season.

Signing up for the program is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Download the FREE Kinsa app for iOS or Android

2. Create profiles for your family members

3. Go to "Groups" and search for our school using our location. Join our school group. An email will be sent to you when your thermometer arrives to the school.

We are excited and proud to be chosen for this exclusive program and look forward to a healthier flu season this year!

Thermometers will be sent home with students near the end of January, when they arrive.

Interested in joining our Watch DOG program?

If you are interested in joining our Watch DOG program, please contact Sue Haugen ( to get information.

This is a wonderful program to get Dads involved in our school. We have Dads who come in to read with students, practice sight words, work on math, play at recess, etc. The students LOVE the interactions and our Dads LOVE the time with our kids.

Thank you for considering getting involved in this amazing program!

Got Talent?

Chargers will have a chance to show off their talents at our Talent Show on Thursday, Feb. 8th at 6:00 p.m.

Information will be coming soon from PTO to know how to get signed up and involved. Can't wait to see our talented Chargers show their stuff!

Important Information

  • Please follow our procedures for morning drop-off and pick-up that have been created to keep our students safe. We use the lower driveway, of off Carol Street. Staff will be present to help with unloading and loading cars. DO NOT DROP OFF STUDENTS ALONG THE FRONT CURB BETWEEN 7:30 and 8:15.

  • If you need to change transportation plans for the day, please contact the office, 659-3180, by 2:15.

  • We believe in supporting our students as a COMMUNITY, which means we value working with families to see that students are successful. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact his/her teacher to discuss things. Our teachers are happy to work with parents for student success!

  • Feel free to join your child for lunch any day! Talk to your child's teacher about specific lunch times.

Its Cold Outside!

Temperatures are dropping and we WILL have students outside for recess unless they fall below a wind chill of 20 degrees.

Please send your child with a heavy coat, gloves and hat so they are warm while they play!

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Focus on Parenting -When your Good Spouse has a Different Parenting Style

Taken from a Love and Logic Newsletter:

Last summer at our annual Love and Logic retreat, a woman approached me and shared a story I’ve heard countless times from parents (wives and husbands) from every walk of life:

My husband is a good man… but we go back and forth over how

to parent our kids. It’s causing major friction in our marriage,

and I’m horribly worried about the kids.

With the tips listed below, many caring couples have strengthened their marriage and raised healthy, responsible kids:

Love your spouse for who they are… not who you want them to become.

Very few people change by being pressured, nagged, or criticized. Most find it safer to try new attitudes and behaviors when they feel securely loved and valued. When was the last time you told your spouse that you were head over heels in love with them?

Agree on some core values.

Many people disagree about specific parenting practices… but most seem to agree on core values. Sit with your spouse and identify five or so principles on which you can agree. Examples might include: (1) Kids need to feel loved unconditionally; (2) Kids need healthy limits; (3) Kids need to see their parents loving each other; (4) Kids need to help out around the house; (5) Kids need to experience the natural or logical consequences of their actions.

Agree that you’ll probably handle some things differently.

When the kids complain that your spouse handles things differently, respond by saying, “That’s because we are different. If you have a problem with what your mom (or dad) did, that’s between the two of you.”

Agree to always do whatever you can to make each other look good.

Even if you think your good spouse has done something unwise, support them in the eyes of the children. Discuss your disagreement when your kids are not there to hear it.

Agree to place your primary emphasis on the happiness of your marriage.

There are times in every marriage relationship when it seems tempting to side with the kids instead of one’s spouse. Wise husbands and wives avoid this trap! They understand that the best way to love their kids is to first love and respect each other.

Parenting is a hard job and any way we can find to work as a team with our spouse helps to keep the focus on what is important, raising children who can be responsible and happy individuals.

Nominate a Difference Maker!

Know a Difference Maker at Moreau Heights? Have a teacher or other staff member who has gone above and beyond to make a positive difference for your child or our school, nominate them to be recognized for their work!

Nominate someone using this link:

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