Fat Soluble Vitamins

Vitamin D

Description and Functions

Description: Vitamin D maintains levels of Calcium and Phosphorus in the blood; makes Calcium available for proper bone growth; calcium/phosporus are essntial for developing structure& strength of your bones; need Vitamin D to absorb these minerals

Functions: The body makes Vitamin D through the action of sunlight on the skin,which is way its called "sunshine vitamin." Some of the functions of body Vitamin d helps w/:

-Immune System, which helps you to fight infection

- Muscle function

-Cardiovascular Function for a healthy heart & circulation

-Respiratory System for healthy lungs &airway

- Brain Development

-Anti- cancer effects.


The food:

-fortified dairy products

-egg yolks

-fatty fish such as herring ,salmon, & mackerel

-fortified breakfast cereals


The Supplement



Acrostic Poem

Vitamin D is very important for strong bones.

It helps you develop structure& strength of your bones.

Too much Vitamins can cause serious effects

Absorbs the minerals

Maintains levels of calcium & phosporus in the blood.

Its known as the "sunshine vitamin"

Nausea is one of things that happens when having too much Vitamin D

Don't expose yourself to too much sunlight