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Telecommunication world is changing rapidly as the most important facts of lives are becoming global due to the wide usage of internet which allows a person to update themselves according to the technology and favorable changes. Huge number of people are migrating to the other countries from their home towns in search of employment or education and after leaving everyone wants to be in touch with their family, friends or to their loved ones.

MagicJack plus is the most effective innovation amongst those products or technologies which provides the cheapest way to make calls by using an ordinary land line telephone. Almost all the other VOIP services like Skype, vonage are trying their best to dominate the market by keeping their call rates low but launch of MagicJack plus for international calling purpose has made an effective impact in a market by providing free call service to U.S and Canada. It was created by Dan Borislow in 2005 through his company the YMAX Communication Inc. MagicJack plus is a USB device which is plugged to the internet to make calls and it works on the power of Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP. MagicJack price in India is not very expensive as one can buy MagicJack plus in India by paying its initial cost of 40Rs which will provides a service for 1 year.

This product is a type of plug and play with two ports one that connects to the web cable and the second one goes to a land-line telephone and then it permits a person to make free calls in US and Canada even without a PC. MagicJack also has a USB plug on other side which helps in making calls by using computer. MagicJack India was introduced to remove the distance between persons living far from each other.

Some important features of MagicJack Plus:

  • Users can simply connect the device to internet by power socket, internet, phone or by developing a direct line without using computer. It is the most advantageous device used to make calls across the continents.

  • Device is enough flexible to carry it with them anywhere and anytime to make free calls to US and Canada and to reduce some expense on some highly paid call cost to Asia, Europe or in any other country.

  • Directory assistance, Voice mails, Three way calling, call waiting and call forwarding services are also available featured in this device.

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MagicJack Plus In India - Saferays

Magic Jack Plus is a device launched by Saferays and popularly known as an extension of 'Magic Jack.' It is a kind of internet based telephony service i.e. VOI (Voice Over Internet Protocol) which facilitates the user to connect with different parts of the world without even connecting the device to USB port of the computer.

The device allows the user to make unlimited calls to Canada and U.S.A for free. It facilitates to make a call from anywhere anytime.