House of Representatives

Dalton Schwartz

Congressional Specific and Responsibilities

- 2 year terms

- 435 members

- Seats based on population

- Elected by districts

- Working on committees

- Write bills

- Vote on bills

Congressional Leadership Positions

-Speaker of the House

- President officer of house

Majority Leader

- Helps plan party's legislative program

- Steer important Bills

- Make sure committees Finish work on important political party bills

Majority Whips

- Watch majority party party reps to make sure they bote on party lines

- Deputy Majority Whips

Minority Leaders

Minority Whips

Congressional Qualifications and Benefits

- Must be 25 years old

- U.S. Citizens for 7 years

- Legal resident of state elected in

- Traditionally live in district

- Salary $174,000

- Franking privilege - no paying for postage

- Income Tax deductions

- Eligible for pensions of $150,000 a year

- Free from arrest while attending congress

- May not be sued for anything they say on House or Senate floor.