Northern Tier, Ontario, Canada

July 29- August 8, 2015

Express and Reflect

When we first got there we were given paddles and canoes to use for the next 6 days. I had no clue what the next 6 days would be like. We were shocked when we got on the water, it was the clearest lake I have ever been on. During the morning the water is so still it seems like your gliding across a mirror. Everything in Canada is so clean, even the side of the street.

Information and Explain

One of the things you can do in the Canadian, Crownlands, is canoe. You can canoe 75-100 miles in six days. Whenever you get done canoeing for the day you had to catch fish for supper. Your group will be eating a lot of wild blueberries and bass along the way as well.
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Evaluate and Judge

In the Crownlands, there is no cellular service. So you will be relieved of all the problems, stress, and hustle of the outside world. You will be deep in the wilderness, far from any people or houses.

Inquire and Explore

The first northern tier base was established in 1923. The Charles L Sommers Base was established in 1941. there are three base that make up Northern Tier. Charles L Sommers base is the is the second hardest base of the three.

Analyze and Interpret

When your group decides to go on a trip to Norther Tier, you should do at 3 training trips. Work on technique and steering. Included in your training should be some weight lifting. Portaging is not easy and requires a lot of strength.

Take a Stand

Canada is beautiful. There is no trash on the side of the roads at all! The lakes in the Crownlands, are extreamly clear, at one point you can see 30 feet down in a lake called clear water. I think if we take care of North Carolina as much as Canadians take care of their land, maybe we can be as clean as Ontario!