CSD Weekly Update

WEEK #9, Cambrian School District, Oct. 16, 2020

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Dear Cambrian Families,

The highlight for my week was reading to two kindergarten classrooms this past week. I so miss seeing our Cambrian students at our campuses. Seeing them online with their teacher was such a pleasure. Thanks to Mrs. Patrick and Ms. Payne for inviting me to read to their classrooms.

Much preparation has been underway as we look forward to returning our students to in-person instruction on campus. Last week I shared that the Governing Board would be reviewing our timeline for returning to in-person instruction at the October 15th Board Meeting.

Last night the Board of Trustees, after thoughtful discussion as to returning to campus, voted to move forward with the recommended adaptations to the timeline for the return to in-person instruction. We continued the discussion regarding factors and challenges, progress to date since the last Board meeting, current parent and staff survey results, recommendations as to the adapted timeline, and the next steps to support students returning to our campuses' for in-person instruction.

Already Occurring at Cambrian School District School Campuses:

  • Cambrian Extended Day program has been in operation since the first day of school.

  • We have established four locations for child care for school-aged children of Cambrian Staff during the instructional day in stable cohorts.

  • High needs students from our schools returned for in-person targeted support during distance learning.

  • In-person 1:1 services and assessments started in September for some Special Education students.

Adjusted timeline for a gradual return to in-person instruction:

  • Specialized Targeted Instruction, Special Education Preschool and Special Day Classes to be brought back throughout November and December. This timeline has been adjusted as staff works with individual class programs to address unique needs of the classroom. Parents will be contacted individually with specific start dates for the return to in person instruction.

  • Expansion of support for at-risk students or specialized support.

    • We will continue to expand in-person school site cohorts for targeted groups in November and December as needed.

  • Transitional Kindergarten through Grade 2:

      • Start in-person instruction the week of January 11th.

  • Grade 3 through Grade 5:

      • Start in-person instruction the following week of January 19th.

  • Grade 6 through Grade 8:

      • Timeline for return to be brought back for Board approval in November.

With that in mind, know that what we announced today may change, as a result of the uncertainty of COVID-19. We most certainly will keep you apprised if any changes must be made as we move forward with reopening to in-person instruction. The Governing Board also stated that as conditions change we want to prepare accordingly. As such, a tentative special Board meeting will be placed on the calendar for the first week of January 2021 after the Winter Holidays. This meeting will serve as a placeholder if necessary to adjust the timeline if the conditions in Santa Clara County regress, altering the ability to reopen for in-person instruction based on the State tiered system. Families would be informed prior to their child’s return week in January if there are any changes to the schedule.

Cambrian School District will continue to evaluate and maintain a level of fluidity as revised rules and regulations are presented by the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health, in order to keep students and staff healthy, safe and educated. To view the Reopening presentation, please click here.

I will continue to keep you informed of our plans regarding our gradual reopening of our schools for in-person instruction. Thanks again for your patience, partnership and collaboration as we create the safest, best learning environment possible for the students of Cambrian. Have a wonderful weekend. We are CAMBRIAN.

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Helpful Tips from our Cambrian School District Nurse:

Santa Clara County Public Health reminds us the 2020-2021 Flu Season has begun. Each year an average of 20,000 children under the age of 5 are hospitalized because of flu-related complications. Influenza causes more hospitalizations among young children than any other vaccine-preventable disease. The single best way to protect against seasonal flu and its potential severe complications is to get a seasonal influenza vaccine each year.

Santa Clara County is offering free flu shots now. The County makes free flu shots available at many Santa Clara Valley Medical Center locations and at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. Here is a link to more information on free flu shot locations.

If your child enrolled is in Santa Clara County for the first time your child will need a tuberculosis (TB) risk assessment and, if necessary, a TB test. Santa Clara County recommends that the test be done and filed with the school to be ready when school resumes. The Risk Assessment form and TB test (if necessary) must be completed within one month of a student starting in-person instruction.

US Department of Agriculture Extends Free Meal Programs for the Entire School Year

On October 9, 2020, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced that flexibilities to allow free meals to be served to all kids are extended through the end of the 2020–21 school year. This is great news for our students and families.

Cambrian School District is offering free breakfast and lunch daily to anyone age 18 and younger, Monday through Friday. Brown bag meals will be available for pickup at Price Middle School, Monday through Friday, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., providing breakfast and lunch for the following day. You do not need to show any ID. Children do not need to be present to receive meals. Family members may walk up or drive up to receive meals.

Staying Connected through Technology

We want to do everything we can to help with your technology needs. Thanks for your partnership!

  • CSD Distance Learning Webinars: If you were not able to join us on Wed, here are links to the slides and recordings for both of our webinars. Stay tuned for the next one! (These are also posted at the bottom of our DIstance Learning Help page - Distance Learning Resources / Distance Learning Help!)

    • CSD Distance Learning Webinar: Helping Students Help Themselves