Personal Finance

Drew Crismon, Instructor

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Course Description

Personal Finance (10,11,12) is a required course for graduation. The ability to

understand and manage personal finance is key to one’s future financial success. This

one semester course is based on the Missouri Personal Finance Competencies and

presents essential knowledge and skills necessary to make informed decisions about

real world financial issues. Enrollment in this course exempts students from

having to take the Missouri Personal Finance Competencies Exam. Since future

earning potential is strongly correlated to occupational options, students in this course

will learn to navigate Family Connect to help them generate a post-high school

academic and career plan. The course will then focus on job interview skills, pay stub

and benefits analysis, how to manage a budget, and make wise spending decisions.

Students will also develop a savings and investment plan along with understanding

credit and loan options. The ultimate goal of the course is to have students be better

prepared to achieve personal financial success.


  • Plenty of Pencils/Pens
  • 2 Expo Markers
  • Loose-Leaf Paper (Homework)
  • Calculator – Graphing
  • 3-Ring Binder

Extra Help

I am available every morning from 7-7:30 am and during Seminar in room 208. It is best practice to email me to ensure that I will be there. Additionally, help is offered after school by appointment.

Grade Breakdown

Homework: 20%

Projects: 30%

Tests/Quizzes: 40%

Semester Final: 10%

Missed Class?

1. Be prepared for next class. If there is a test or quiz scheduled for the next class, you are expected to take the quiz or test on the scheduled day with the class.

2. Check class website to see what was missed.

3. Copy the notes from a fellow classmate and complete the homework.

4. Stop by and see Mr. Crismon before school to discuss what was missed and ask any questions that you may have.

Missed Assessment

All make-up assessments (tests, quizzes) will be administered in the Testing Center. It is located in room 281 and is open after school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and during Seminar. You will have 2 Seminar Periods to make up the assessment. If this is not completed within the given time frame, you will be given a 0.