Wildcat Weekly

December 14 - December 18

Wildcat Mountain Elementary

Our commitment is to make decisions that consider the student first. Through focused academics, a commitment to character, a positive environment, and a partnership with our community, we direct our attention on educating the whole child.

This week at Wildcat...

Monday, December 14

Tuesday, December 15

8am BLT Meeting

Wednesday, December 16

8am - Staff Winter Celebration

  • Breakfast and Coffee Card provided by PTO.

Thursday, December 17

3-4 Winter Classroom Parties

Friday, December 18

No Students - Teacher Workday

This is a teacher workday. You will be completing your EPRs, and preparing for your return in January. Where you choose to complete this work is up to you. The expectation is that your EPRs are completed and you are ready to teach upon return in January.

Upcoming Events

December 18 EPRs due by 4PM

December 18 Winter Break Begins

The Latest and Greatest on EPRs

Construction is taking place on the EPR system Monday evening after 6pm. Please take a break from working on your EPRs from Monday evening till Tuesday morning.

Changes will NOT effect any work that you have done.

Once your EPRs are complete, you will need to finalize your reports which will release them to Parent Portal accounts. You will not finalize them until all specials grades are complete. Parents will be able to view them on December 18th at midnight.

SPED teachers will be emailing you a PDF of individual student IEP reports. Please upload these in the resources section of the EPR.

We will be sending out information to parents about how to access the EPRs in our Monday Blast to parents.

Jolie is available to help you with any of your EPR needs!! :)

PTO Wish Lists

Please complete and share your wish lists by the time you return from break.

Mid - Year Student Assessment Dates

December 7 - 17
  • STAR (Reading, Early Literacy, and Math) mid-year Benchmark - Please make sure students take these assessments during this window. Students should take this with supervision in a "testing" environment.

Nov. 29 - Dec. 11
  • Student writing sample scored with PVP

EPRs are due December 18th at 4PM

Deck the Halls !!

We would love to see your student work on the walls. Please let us know if you would like help hanging or labeling your students work.

Middle of Year Self-Evaluation (CITE)


Just a reminder that the MOY evaluation window is now open. Please remember that the MOY Self-Evaluation is required by all teachers and evaluators. The MOY Self-Evaluation is due by January 15th for both teachers and evaluators. The MOY evaluation deadline for CITE/LEAD is January 31st.


If you have students who need accommodations or accessibility features for PARCC or CMAS, please complete the Accommodations and Accessibility Request Form.

April 4 - 7 PARCC ELA

April 11- 14 PARCC Math

April 18 - 20 CMAS Science / Social Studies

Student Leadership Teams

DCSD Assessment Policy

Please read the updated assessment policy for Mandatory State Testing. This outlines how DCSD will handle Mandatory State Testing such as CogAT, ACCESS, PARCC, and CMAS.

Staff Meeting Notes

Click here for notes on Weekly Staff Meetings