Presidential Requirements

By Megan Radtke

Constitutional requirements

  1. Age: 35 years
  2. Natural Born Citizen
  3. Live in US for 14 years

Constitutional Powers

  1. Sign or Veto bills passed by Congress (Executive/Legislative)
  2. Commander and Chief of the Military Forces (Executive)
  3. Opinions from any executive department (Executive)
  4. Grant Reprieves or Pardons (Diplomatic/Judicial)
  5. Make foreign treaties with advice and consent of congress (Diplomatic)
  6. Nominate people for all offices with the advice and consent of Congress (Executive)
  7. Fill vacancies when Senate is in recess (Executive)
  8. Convene Senate and Congress (Executive)
  9. Receives ambassadors and public ministers (Diplomatic)
  10. Commissions all officers of the US (Executive)

Most Important Constitutional Power

The most important constitutional power is the power to sign or veto a bill passed by Congress. If the president were unable to veto a bill, the Congress would have more power than the other two branches. This power is a prime example of the separation of powers. If congress tried to pass a bill that wouldn't help the US, the president could veto it in chance that it would be reviewed and come back changed for the better.

Top 5 Leadership Skills:

Decision Making

The President needs to be able to understand the needs of the country. The president needs to make decisions based on the need of the majority. Tough decisions will be in his way, but he needs to understand both sides of the argument and if there can be a middle ground to reach.


The president needs to gain the trust of the country he is running. If he doesn't have the trust he needs our representatives will reject anything he proposes. The president needs to keep things credible and able to be understood by the people.


The president needs to be able to negotiate with others, either foreign or party wise. If the president is constantly being rejected by others he will not be able to reach his goals. If the president can negotiate with his opponents, he will be able to get things done and will not get rejected as much.

Implement Goals

The president needs to be able to set goals that the country can reach and support. If the country is not growing in knowledge or coming out of despair, then the president is not providing well for the US.

Level 5 Leader

The president needs to represent the country. The president is the image the world sees of the United States, and if he is not acts with compassion and intellect, our country is not well represented by him. If the president doesn't represent the country well, he might not know what the country needs as a whole.

My Position as President

I will be taking on Immigration Reform. I will take immigrants who the US will benefit from, this does not allows terrorists or people with heavy criminal records. Currently the United States takes in over a million immigrants. These immigrants will go though a temporary visa, and apply for a green card. If they want to become citizens they can after 3 to 5 years. Immigrants that come into the US, must somehow benefit the US. I would change the amount of refugee immigrants every year to make sure that refugees have a place to go, but that the US can support that number.

Roles, Powers, and Qualities

  1. Level 5 Leader- representing the American dream by allowing others to achieve it
  2. Decision Making- decide how many and who gets to be an immigrant
  3. Chief Legislator- executive orders to create a reform
  4. Sign or Veto a bill- Congress may create bills based on the reform
  5. Chief Executive- creating reforms and executing it