Paredes PRIDE... Enough Said

See It Believe It Achieve It

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April 11-16

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  • One Team One Message
    • ​Be on time. Start on Time. End on Time.
    • Publish an agenda in advance and stick to it.
    • ​Make the content count and keep it relevant.
    • Be positive, while providing constructive solutions.
    • Be respectful and open minded.
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Shout Outs

Thank YOU Ms. Bartz, Ms. Kordes and every 7th grade advisory teacher for empowering 7th graders to lead every 7th grade advisory!!!

Thanks to the following teachers who did a fabulous job during the SIM walk-thru this week!! We got such EXCELLENT FEEDBACK!!! We are rocking SIM for our 1st year!!! I am so proud of everyone for being so open-minded and positive about SIM.

Thomas, Hooker, Cluchey, Carpenter, Medrano, Koeing, and Kornacki ROCKED IT!!

Thank YOU cafeteria staff for having an excellent inspection and feeding our students with a smile everyday!!!

Thank YOU Ms. Randolph it is Librarian Appreciation Week!!

Mr. Salazar wanted to say, "Thank you to our awesome admin team, teachers and staff for your support!"

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  • Please take attendance everyday every period and let us know if students tell you they saw a student earlier in case they are skipping class. We need to get our attendance up!!
  • Please review our technology policy with your students, RED, YELLOW, and GREEN signs can be reprinted by Ms. Beck or Mr. Hendricks.
  • Please review your expectations with every class since SPRING FEVER IS IN THE AIR!! Continue to make lessons engaging and exciting!!
  • Please remember to call the office for an escort if a student is having behavior issues or is out of dress code.
  • Pull out tutoring is ongoing talk to Ms. Kinslow if you have any questions.
  • Please send updates to our website to Ms. Randolph.

6th grade uses the TECH Signs below as well on the shared drive under MEMES... TOO CUTE 6th GRADE!!

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This Upcoming Week

MONDAY- Monday Meetings 8th grade will have their meeting in the GYM since Akins will be performing. 7th and 6th grade same time same place. Wear your 10K shirts students and staff.

TUESDAY- Grade Checks, PTA Meeting, leadership meeting next week 4/19



FRIDAY- Orchestra UIL, eCST Meeting, 6th grade fundraiser- Campus dress down look for wristbands

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Let me know if you are interested we need 2 for our campus

As a part of the new Professional Pathways for Teachers (PPfT) Appraisal System, teachers will be required to complete one Student Learning Objective (SLO) as a measure of student growth. To help facilitate this process, each campus principal will have the opportunity to assign teachers to serve in the role of PPfT SLO Campus Contact for the 2016-2017 school year. Each SLO Campus Contact will earn a $500 stipend at the end of the school year for their successful service in this role. The characteristics and responsibilities of the SLO Campus Contact include:

* Attending required face-to-face summer training

* Attending online meetings throughout the year

* Serving in a campus leadership role

* Being comfortable with technology

* Facilitating and monitoring the completion of the SLO process

* Directing teachers to the appropriate SLO resources

* Communicating timelines and reminders to teachers and appraisers

* Serving as a point of contact between campus and district

Vertical Team Event- See Coach Almanza, Mr. Johnson or Ms. Savedra

The Akins High School Band is proud to present the first annual Akins Community 5K and Festival!

Saturday - April 23rd, 2016 / Akins HS / 9:00am - 2:00pm

The Akins Community 5K and Festival is a new fundraising event supporting all the schools of the Akins HS Vertical Team:

Akins HS

Paredes MS- What ideas do you have to help us fundraise or does your organization want to sell something?

Blazier ES

Casey ES

Kocurek ES

Langford ES

Menchaca ES

Palm ES Perez ES

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